Pythor is coming back i think he is Reply. I try to find the episodes before everyone else. I really want some ninjago sets and the new ones look epic! However,the thing is numbing the pain-a little. Oh, I see what you mean there! I live in Canada so I have to wait until the 18th.

XD You get the picture. Sounds about right Reply. Yeah i watched it, Jay and Cole are so hating each other over Nya, its so funny Reply. I love to be back: Thanks for the update! Where can I watch episode 9 of this series….. Cancel reply Leave a Comment.

Anyways Im just crying inrl about episode I would love to see your thoughts on these episodes down below too!

As for The Titanium Ninja, it was epic. I deffenetly agree sorry for the incorrect spelling Reply. But Wikipedia is not always true Reply. nnijago

Ninjago Episode 28: The Art of the Silent Fist

The video keeps stopping at random points to show ads, and the whole page reloads about halfway through the video. And did anyone see Te Japanese version? Will the ninja ever be able to defeat epizode Overlord?

And Also I think this a good sequel to Ninjago! Back in Ninjago it is time for the Final Battle with the reborn, god-like Overlord. No hate comments would be znimeflavor. Cancel reply Leave a Comment. Unlike Chima season 1, Cartoon Network CN is not airing Ninjago season 3 consistently weekly, bi-monthly, reruns in-between new episodes, etc….


Ninjago Episode 31 & 32 coming soon-ish!

Oh, and for people that like to download videos to their computers, these two extentions will do it for you. The Titanium Ninja was especially a aanimeflavor tearjerker. I have heard that Episode 31 and 32 will come in July and Episode 33 and 34 will air in September.

I have April 18th marked on my calander.

Please note that there is a 10 second advertisement before the video start playing. That makes me sad. Another is to get safely back home again.

Yeah, the episodes are really spread out this time. You mean your avatar? The other thing was that the nindroids were kind of lame in this episode. Feel free to share your thoughts and discuss in the comment section below! Yes, my real name is Anna. Tips for attending a LEGO convention.

Keep us posted on how you liked anjmeflavor new episodes! Season 1 and 2 had 13 a piece, and this season is technically animsflavor 3, so it was logical. Don’t expect regular updates. I hope they are I love the snakes Reply. You got the what???!!! I have heard the show should continue mid-March, but it is not yet confirmed.


The Curse of the Golden Master aired on Cartoon Network just about a week agoand they were both really interesting sessions with lots of twists and surprises. I just buy them or watch them on demand since I have cable.

Ninjago Episode 31 & 32 coming soon-ish!

Future is for talking about Ninjago’s future duh. You have to check it out! Please check out my fanfic on fan fiction. Arcturus Lloyd is free but Pythor and the Overlord are nowhere to reoboted found.

Yeah, tell me about it! Masters of Spinjitzu T. Really strange that they are doing this.