When Raju and Karim came there, Karim was told his daughter is kidnapped. In January , the title was officially announced to be Anjaan. Highest Grossing Tamil Movies. However, they were attacked by henchmen and were forced to come back. Audible Download Audio Books. A genetic engineering student tries to bring back the skills of a legend of the past and use his skills to save India from a deadly virus attack by China. A handicapped man Krishna Suriya arrives at Mumbai from Kanyakumari at a train station after boarding a train from there.

Dalip Tahil as JK, Raju’s enemy. Retrieved 9 December Surya’s Stylish Avatars In ‘Anjaan'”. Karim is their personal and close friend. Krishna leaves and sees Raja attempting to leave him, having overheard the fact that Krishna is Raju’s younger brother. However when their success reaches the dreaded Imran, their lives take a turn. A happily married man faces an emotional conflict, when his past lover comes back into his life. Amar had already came to know that Krishna was looking for him.

But when it takes almost three hours to narrate its story with predictable twists and underwritten characters in a non-engaging fashion. When one of them remains faithful to Imran, while the other three decided to betray him, one of the three, mainly the leader of the group killed the faithful one. Things go very well until Raju and Chandru invoke the wrath of Imran Bhai Manoj Bajpaia bigger and more powerful don than them and whom they both personally met at a gathering party.

Aaru, henchmen of Nathan who seeks revenge when Nathan betrayed him by killing his friends for personal profit. However when their success reaches the dreaded Imran, their lives take a turn.

Raju then sees Jeeva inside. They, along with Imran, had plotted to betray and kill Chandru and Raju, with Imran promising them they can ienthusan very powerful dons kovie and alongside him in eijthusan the streets and the whole city of Mumbai. Add the first question. The doorbell ranged and Chandru thought it was JK, only to for it to be revealed as Imran and his henchmen.

Unfortunately, Shastri’s music turned out to be awful, making Raju, Chandru, and Jeeva leave the theater. Raju then reveals his identity by revealing all noted details that Manoj pointed about him earlier and beats up Manoj and his henchmen.


Karim promises to help by keeping his secret and giving him shelter in his own house, while also telling Raju that on the day Chandru died, there was a planned between him and JK.

Retrieved 18 August Mvie the search of his missing brother, Vasu finds out that Vel is his twin brother and risks his life to clear his brother’s problem given by Sakarapandi an X-MLA. The game is available on Android and iOS operating systems. Raju went to the location, beats up the henchmen, and gets Jeeva, who had her left hand injured by the leader of the henchmen using his smoking cigarette to safety by having be taken away by Karim, while killing all of them including the leader, who, before dying, found out Jeeva was Raju’s lover because her left hand had a tattoo amjaan Raju’s name on it, which she got during the time she and Raju had a blast.

Soori as Raja, a taxi driver guest appearance Brahmanandam as Guru Shastri, the head of the musical troupe. Retrieved 14 August Amar as Bobby Bedi. Unfortunately, he gets captured by Mvie top 4 henchmen and was taken to get killed by Imran face to face.

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At the same time, Amar comes to Karim’s taxi service headquarters and starts beating one of the taxi drivers for not giving him nor his henchmen money. Jeeva, knowing Raju is alive given that his ‘body’ is never found and knowing that he will come back to Mumbai, decides to wait for him, until he finishes his quest for revenge against Imran for Chandru’s death, understanding how much Chandru meant to him.

A boy living in the streets steals Krishna’s laptop and Raja tells Krishna he can’t get back, only for some people to bring in the boy and give Krishna back his laptop, having seen Raju’s photo on the desktop of Krishna’s laptop and anjaam fearful of him.


Moviie Details Official Sites: Raju, having killed all the betrayers of his former gang heads back to Karim’s place by Raja, who he still thinks he is ‘Krishna’. Tough cop Durai Singam performs an undercover operation and identifies some nefarious activities in the seas around the coastal town.

Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Chandru as Vidyut Jamwal Manoj Bajpayee Retrieved 7 August Imran praises Raju and Anjan for their work but also warns that if they get in his way or position, he will kill them.

Scared and knowing something is not right, Jackie ran away from his home.

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However, the truths that they initially uncover lead to a bigger conspiracy, one that spans across the globe. Dalip Tahil as JK, Raju’s enemy. Bikramjeet Kanwarpal einthsan Police Commissioner, Jeeva’s father.

Krishna rents a hotel room, takes a shower, and changes his clothes.

When Raju comes back, he sees Chandru murdered. A happily married man faces an emotional conflict, when his past lover comes back into his life.

However, they were attacked by henchmen and were forced to come back. Raju then attempted to kill Imran in his birthday party, only to fail, when it is revealed Imran is not in India, but is in Eimthusan doing a live telecast call in the hotel of his birthday party. Raju reveals just like how Imran got Amar, Johnny, and Manoj to betray him and Chandru, he used Imran’s own remaining henchmen to betray him by making a similar deal to them, that Imran made to Amar, Johnny, and Manoj.

Suriya, Anushka Shetty, Prakash Raj. July Learn how and when to remove this template message. Winthusan attempted to watch a movie in a theater with Raju, which is arranged by Rajiv, but in the end Raju took her back to the marriage hall because the anuaan she was watching was Chennai Expresshaving seen about 5 times.

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