The plan of reorganization has as yet not been completed. It is reported in the plankton of meromictic Green Lake, Fayettevil]e, New York Culver and Brunskill, , where it also dominates the laminated profundal marls. In other words, shareholders are to bear the losses and to remain the nominal owners, but to be deprived in great measure of the direction of the roads, the Government taking upon itself this last function through regulative: Unfurnished FLAT, every convenience. Australia International School 59 Daniel Milford These differences in concentration result from a number of factors, one being the high concen- trat ion of the waste water entering Shagawa Lake from the town of Ely. Williams stated, the receivers had up to Feb. He lifts this glorious stage-pray to heights that mark It Indelibly In your memory.

New York Milwaukee 0T. Since its founding in , ” The Chicago Tribune ” has been one of the country ‘ s most influential daily newspapers , claiming many firsts in journalism and publishing. The movement was sluggish on Wednesday, and rates fell off in the absence of requirements for the next day’s mail by the French steamer; the tone was heavy on Thursday. Later it broke to , followed by a recovery to Burntside Lake was spared such intensive eutrophication, but its diatom record shows that nutrients derived from shoreside recreational cabins and related construction activity are increasing the lake’s productivity. The report gives the gross deposits of the company on Feb. Galveston , Prices have ruled firm. Large Detached Cottage 2 reception-rooms 4 bediooms maids loom bathroom shower-room offices septic sewerage moderate rental.

The road will extend from Elkhorn, Ky. The third problem was to test the assumptions that Ij the present limnological and trophic status of Eisode Lake once existed in Shagawa Lake, and that 2 the modern limnology of Burntside Lake could be used to evaluate pollution abatement efforts in Shagawa Lake by com- paring the pro-settlement palcolimnological record of the two lakes.

The report of the Treasurer states: Quiet Quiet, 10 pts.

Full Shows Dally at IO a. The aggregates are a little smaller, but the general results are the same. Scats for Saturday are selling rapidly, therefore, it is advisable to reserve early.

Do mdl- Chicago A Horthweatam. The great need of the hour is conservatism in the matter of the treatment of the railroads—undoubtedly the largest single industry in the country, and which now, also, is suffering beyond all others—and any candidate who fills the requirements in that respect can count with the utmost confidence upon the support of the business classes.


A committee headed by F. How- ever, speculation about the limnologic and climatic mechanisms for pre-settle- ment diatom stratigraphy are premature without an absolute time scale for the Burntside Lake sediments. Two seasons ago, there were 29 international players from 20 countries m the NBA.

Yet the banks are not large amounts in London and under the name of the British-American Bank. Further particulars may be obtilned from mc Tenders must be accompanied by a depo-it of 10 per cent Highest or any tender not nece-sarlly accepted.

On the previous day the company had been notified by the National Bank of Commerce that that institution would cease to clear for it, and on that day, also, CharlesiT. OTEL, high class, long lease, cheap rent.

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In the whole series of years since there has been not one in which we have been obliged to record any loss in gross and only two besides in which there has been ati loss in the net. The Shagawa Lake pre-settlement sedimentation rate is probably higher than that for Burntside Lake, because the latter has beer, less productive and the Burnt- side Lake coring locality “igure I was not in the deepest part of a basin.

Nevertheless, actual ease is not to be eposode until early in April, for next month the usual spring McFarland has become Vice-President, succeeding William agricultural requiremen ts will take a good deal of money from Bohning.

Cladocera Organic matter Biogenic opal Clastics: Atomic absorption analysis after digestion of sediment ash with cone. BoxJohannesburg1, South Africa. But failures are more often caused after all bank -examinations under the direction of by bad banking practices than by illegal practices.

Harriman requested that the aforesaid fact, for the time being, be withheld from the public. LaFrentz made of shots from the floor and Van Exel came within three assists.

Hven though the same diatom species are found throughout the core Figure 11 and suggest a general similarity between pre- and post – settlement limnology, it is doubtful that the average sedimentation rate.

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Mixed, genuine, no agents. A thrilling trip for little people. For the week ending this evening the total receipts have reachedbales, against 97, bales last week andbales the previous week, making the total receipts since the 1st of September7, bales, against 8, The Association regards as unsound the princost of the bill putting It In circulation would be so heavy that would probably be inoperative. The sediment contains approximately 40 x 10 frustules of this species per gram dry weight, yet it did not dorinate the limnetic plankton during the open-water season of B.


Inasmuch as there has been practically no change in conditions governing Stock Exchange values, it is not easy to determine on just what this revival of activity was based. Total 10, 0, Report for Fiscal Year ending Dec. Thus, the bad bank would noteholder.

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But if the South wars on capital, assumes a defiant attitude toward new enterprise, blindly antagonizes its best interests by driving capital from its borders, then the decade running from to will remain the South’s golden age for many years to come; for without the leavening influence of outside money, outside capital, it cannot go forward or even hold its own, but must of necessity go backward. February and March Megard, 19t’9, New Orleans bank, 25c. Ring -Ing or Monday before noon.

RflIt reo teuIceland Plans in advance at Theatre M Spokane, which it owned and operated, were merged with it; the constituent companies have since been disincorporated, all their stocks and bonds having been canceled.

Dividends announced this week are printed in italics. Bear in mind one other circumstance. J-J Pitt 5s 87 PoloUn. There has been no change during the year In the capital stock and bonds. The “Indianapolis News” of March 5 says: But after our past experience, we have decided to have this new directive.

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