I like this story it’s so good, their needs to be more of this, I’m really liking it a lot and it’s so interesting as well, keep up making lots more chapters in this story , it’s awesome! The green one descended on Great Britain. Applebloom quickly ran over to her cousin and hugged her, “It’s okay, Babs! I guess it all depends on the kind of pony you are. Page generated in 0. T Slendermane- Missing Sister. Specs stepped forward and said, “And from the day forth, it was ordained among our sacred order of the Cutie Mark Crusaders that those within our order who gain their Cutie Marks will be known as the Cutie Mark Templars and act as sages who will lead us into gaining Cutie Marks of out own!

In a flash of red lightning, he was gone. This story has some good potential, don’t give up on it! A New Legacy of DigiDestined. The red one made a beeline for Brazil. Try to stop me! Huh, this actually looks pretty cool. They were twins, called Shinden-Kai and Raiden.

I’ve always had a guilty pleasure for that show, so it’s nice to find a story like this. But there is one thing stopping me…”.

They made their way into the formation. If it’s just me then so be it, but don’t you think we need to locate the resting places of those energy beams? The reason why the radiance of the Star lies within Pegasus and Leone was because it had been established that their power dwells in the constellations which govern the Four Seasons, in order to face the threat of Nemesis. Cutie Yhe Crusaders forever!

Few could contemplate that the lost island itself harboured a greater evil than that which was synonymous. Huh, this actually looks pretty cool. T The Count of Gem Grotto. A fiery Bey that burns like the Sun. The energy stored up from the said battle began to dissipate quickly, essentially leaving it in a similar state to Galaxy Pegasus before it was taken by Gingka.


However, these things all went away as soon as they came, and nobody thought twice about it. Enter the email address you used to create the account and your password will be emailed to you.

Episode 1: The Bladers of the Four Seasons – Beyblade- Metal Friendship – Fimfiction

D had evolved into Thief Orion B: Down the streets walked a group of six ponies. Soon, I got to the final round. Three of blades were older mares, while the other three were young fillies. Four hours later, they were on board a plane bound for Murmansk. Babs turned and spat at the ground. Behold the great Templar’s wisdom! The pink one came to rest in Russia. Like the Mayan temple, Nemesis’ original place of residence, seasonz beystadium where the future of Beyblade as people knew it as was decided, was in fact rigged for the same purposes, but eeasons a different scale of evil altogether.

She looked up and gasped when she saw the group standing still and looking at her. This whole things looks dangerous.

Bladers of the four Seasons – Roblox

Look off how HUGE those buildings are! This caused the other ponies to follow as well, albeit in confusion. Now into its fifth year of being regarded as one of the most popular resorts worldwide, with its perfect weather and noticeable lack of tropical storms, the world seemed to be a better place to be living in.

I’m sorry I didn’t tell you in my letter. Babs raised her hoof and shouted, “Special Move!

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A Beyblade story, huh? His name is Leonid Kutzenova, and is the Legendary Symbol blader of lf. I can picture him being the dragon empire. A winter spirit that has the power of ice and snow that can freeze opponents solid and shatter them with a single charge,” Babs declared.


Nothing is of my possession Few could contemplate that the lost island itself harboured a greater evil than that which was synonymous. Bey descriptions as I didn’t do that when they evolved: It actually felt cool to the touch, and the blue unicorn on the silver Bey’s face bolt seemed to stared back at her. Babs smiled an adorable smile. Also Watch Beyblade Rhe. Anyway, my name is Shinden-Kai, and I have foud entire world for the taking!

Furthermore, more vivid descriptions and grammatical fixes are in order. Leave a review if seaaons liked it, and as always, ‘ til next time, NeoDragonEmperor out!

She kept running after the group.

Zero-g four season bladers

The Legendary Symbols of the four seasons. The red one made a beeline for Brazil. A New Legacy of DigiDestined. It felt warm in her hooves. One was a grey colt with braided purple hair and big round glasses, and his name was Specs.

Applebloom looked down at the red flower on the face bolt of the pink bey.

E Ocellus’ Magical Mystery Cure. The clash between Gingka and Nemesis had almost given the first-ever synchrome system bey enough energy to fully awaken, and the actions supposedly caused by Nemesis were caused by this bey beginning to stir, daring its owner to come out and take it. After several minutes, Kyoya broke the silence. They made their way out of the cavern, and set off across the world.