Now that people aren’t starting at zero, I think they’ll find the episodes funnier and more entertaining. Environment wasn’t cool, what can I tell you? Why do you choose television as your medium? I think it sure will. Lo and behold, the footprints and the leopard lead them to the same place and then whoosh! Then came the Planeteers.

The benefits are easy to quantify. Now that people aren’t starting at zero, I think they’ll find the episodes funnier and more entertaining. It flipped everybody out. We partnered with a production company that invited me to a getting-to-know-you meeting, which was for me to approve their creation of Captain Planet. The second audience, which is on Facebook and blogs, will be bloggers and fans from Brazil to Bangladesh. That’s why we created boys and girls in equal positions and we made it appeal across generations. And, this is actually reality—all the good guys in the episodes are based on real people.

I wanted the program to work all over the world and I wanted it to appeal to boys and girls. Dean Stockwell is Duke Nuke Em’ and he has an insatiable energy for nuclear energy. Want more news like this?

That was something for the parents, so they would sit down and watch with their children. There are Planeteers all over the world. That’s when we veered into the philosophical issues; it’s an intense season. Overall, episoddes was very difficult to produce this cartoon. Talk a bit about the process of getting the episoddes on the air and launching it.


I don’t think that any of the problems that Captain Planet dealt with have been solved. In a whirl of cartoonish smoke and sparkle, a caped Captain Planet would appear proclaiming in a thunderous voice, “By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet! Do we still have smog?

People loved it, but that doesn’t mean the corporate executives loved it. It’s difficult to find a solution to a problem if you don’t even understand plnaet problem to begin with. Ted Turner [of TBS] got the idea and it was my job to figure the show out.

Hoggish Greedly, who wants it all and wants it now, is played by Ed Asner. After Season Six, when we didn’t have new scripts, it was tough to keep it on the air.

Captain Planet: Twelve Angry Animals

It’s in practically every household, everywhere, all over the world. Once they become knowledgeable, their behavior changes.

Planef wasn’t cool, what can I tell you? On the roster of s cartoons, Captain Planet was definitely towards the top of the list. It flipped everybody out.

Captain Planet, He’s Our Hero, Gonna Take Pollution Down to Zero (Sing it, Kids)

epiaodes The benefits are easy to quantify. So that’s the kind of guy Joel is. I think the show will create an environmental ethic and literacy among viewers so they’ll be able to understand the issues.


We’re sorting through the episodes now. They were not up to speed on the issues.

Captain Planet: Twelve Angry Animals | MNN – Mother Nature Network

The show was on, it was off, but it wasn’t consistent. Earth, Water, Wind, Fire, and Heart. For example, Woolly Mammoth takes a Planateer back to Africa, the way it was in his time.

Your generation started at zero, as far as knowing about environmental issues. Do you think the show plaet them environmentally conscious at a young age, and if so, do you think the message stuck? I was blown away. Last summer, out of the blue, Joel decided to do this Mother Nature Network. It was distributed in over countries worldwide in local languages. I think it will be of more interest to more people.

Environmental Education Resources – Captain Planet Episodes

I think it sure will. She is power-crazed, one of the most wicked.

They go sliding down into an avalanche hole. Well, I will say this: In the show, which was the world’s first animated eco-cartoon for children, the five “Planeteers” called Captain Planet to action by combining their powers: