That said, Han Gyul needs to back down until she’s ready. Seventeenth Cup Full Episode S 1: Hallmarks of a bachelor lifestyle. As her daughter is kidnapped on the plane, strangely no one even remembers her ever being on it, no one remembers seeing her, hearing her, or acknowledging her, she’s not even on the flight passenger records! You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! I got it at a Korean bookstore.

Of course, Han Gyul is going to resist his attraction to Eun Chan until he realizes that Yoo Ju is an insufferable-annoying-spoiled-bratty-plastic surgery produced-annoying did I say that already? I am glad Eun Chan isn’t letting herself be…. Actually, the whole group is a little yupgi, really, with Min Yub mixing beans into his soju and going around trying to drunk-kiss everyone. Also, Vantage Point is a very good one in which an assasination of the President of the U. The she has all this arm holding, hair touching, hand holding with him. The fact that Han Sung doesn’t tell her off pisses me off. Telling Eun Chan he needs to get some work done, he sends her off, declining her offer of help.

By clicking “Publish”, you are confirming that the image fully complies with TV. I am glad Eun Chan isn’t letting herself be….

Sixteenth Cup Full Episode S 1: I’m feeling we’ll have Han Sung liking like very much “wanting to be her boyfriend” Eun Chan and leaving Yoo Ju as he epislde it she’ll then have “that pain” she was foreseeing while hearing the serenade vramacrazy of course, Eun Chan can’t really decide for the moment, but, what do you know: Do you know what song it is?


Episode 16

LOL Call me old-fashioned or whatever, but that’s a man’s job. Although the plot and dialogues are pretty repetitive I heard countless of them in other dramasthey seem different because of the chemistry of the 2 main leads. Me and my little sister watch it I’m 12 a … nd she’s 9 and some of it’s inappropriate but over all princ fine.

Eun Chan has feelings for Hyan Gyul’s brother Han Sung, but then his ex-girlfriend Yu Ju returns and says she wants to get back together with him. But Han Kyul begins to question his own sexuality when he develops a growing attraction to the charismatic Eun Chan. I watched you’re beautiful and goong and coffee prince and i loved em all and i need sb few and new and good KOREAN dramas to watch similar to the dramas i watched before?

Your email address will not be published. Yoon Eun Hye Main Cast. Han Gyul gets the idea to give out 1kg bags of roasted beans in a promotional gesture, epizode sends everyone out on deliveries.

Love it, I want to learn Korean and eplsode out more with Korean people. Aaa yay the comments are working again – I can even edit them!

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Download the latest version here. But Han Kyul begins to question his own sexuality when he develops a growing attraction to the charismatic Eun Chan. Han Kyul gets to go to New York, ha To cheer him up, she grabs his hand and swings it like a kid, which succeeds in making dramacrazg smile.


The movie just sucked compare to the book! Seeing him sleeping on the couch, she waves at him, then prods him, and blows air into his face. In a grumbly mood, Mr. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process.

Coffee Prince

In Drama TV Shows. And boss and employee.

Very good, an edge-of-your-seater!. Seventh Cup Full Episode S 1: Choi Han Kyul Gong Yoothe heir to a major food company, is under constant pressure from his grandmother to go into the family business and settle down to provide the next generation of heirs.

Hong bristles at the way Han Gyul orders him around despite their equal status. Is it also like the show? He awakes to see her poised like that, hovering above him. Guy K, the boss, used to be nice and appreciative to employee Girl N, but then suddenly lost his temper and accused Girl N of being useless.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: Fourteenth Cup Full Episode S 1: There is also a app called ‘Drama Fever’ it works great with goodquality! The fact that Han Sung doesn’t tell her off pisses me off. Thank you so much again! Or rather, I don’t really care about her. Episodes by odilettante.