Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Look what he’s done to my science project! Uh, did I mention that he’s a genius? Add the first question. Once again, I’ve surpassed myself. This time Slash is smarter, stronger and has more technologically advanced weaponry

I told you I didn’t take it. Oh, right, and you, too. Whoa, the dude’s wigging out! She’s talking about you, Foster. And while I am safe in my secret underground laboratory, you innocent citizens will all be French-fried. They lead over here, to this shovel.

I’ve got to save the world! Hello, young man, and what does your invention do?

We will, right in front of the TV. It epjsode be anywhere. I also know their birthdays, their weapons, and I can hum that stupid theme song. The more sun, the more beach parties.

What sort of heartless beast would do such a thing? Season 6 Episodes See All. Why don’t you just give it back to the kid? I just remembered something. I invented that Solar Magnet, and you donatdllo do not understand the magnitude of its power. I can do it again. Foster’s science project is on display.


We’re getting warm, all right! Okay, so we made a mistake, we’re only half human, you know.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) s06e08 Episode Script

They’re heroes in the half shell And they’re green Hey, get a grip. Are you this kid’s uncle? That Solar Magnet is pulling the Earth closer to the sun every minute.

Hey, look at that: Yeah, time for a break. He’s been hitting those test tubes awfully hard lately. Thank you, Billy, for that fascinating demonstration of your jet-propelled space shoes, and, uh, better luck next time.

S06E11 – Donatello Trashes Slash – 동영상 Dailymotion

It’s hot in here, and I’m thirsty. Donatello, what are you doing? Gosh, it’s good to be me. Hey, cut it out. I bet it was that mean old turtle! The tar on the road is melting!

Remember, I have a humongous I. Yeah, the dude’s about to snap, and we don’t know what to do about it. After putting the Turtles “on ice” Slash climbs to the roof of Channel Six to prepare his entrance into the world domination.


Foster, my poor little genius nephew! I was afraid of that. Whatever falls to the ground, kind sir. Will you help me? Now, you’re going to relax and watch a movie, and that’s that. Are we there yet? I’m in the mood for a chocolate fudge sardine chili pepper pizza with plenty of whipped cream on top! The Earth is changing orbit. Let them try having nephews!

And if that weren’t enough What happened? It works on the principle of reverse fissionable osmosis to alter the gravitational pull of large gaseous objects. I’ve got to save the planet!