So, here I am still waiting for the ‘kick’. And I have to say, the hero and heroin are well-matched! Anatomy of a Love Seen 3 years ago. N u are right,bicara hati has their own kick from the first eps and the progressing of the show make me bore,i just cant wait You have your own thinking, brains and eyes, I’m sure you don’t need mine to decide on what you think, alright? I got it all but bear in mind, not all of these qualities you will see at the same time! Echoes of a Loner.

I’m loving this drama as I love Vanila Coklat ;. In my opinion, this drama can go a long way and not just stop at episode 8. Kampung Girl Novel Review: Some say he might be the next Aaron Aziz.. Some fans even uploaded the good scenes on youtube. Kisah Ramadan 8 months ago.

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I didn’t enjoy the storyline initially, but since I have started watching the show right from Episode 1, I just had episod continue watching it to know what’s going to happen next. However, it took me the 7th episode to feel the excitment!

In the last episode, the 2 years story just goes like that – they went their separate ways, finished their studies, Iz joined the navy, Azira finally managed to finish her novel, Ammar getting engaged One day onpine two days.


Keats The Sunshine Girl. While I was away But after he and Gemerdik got married, he repented and became a much better person and husband. You have your own thinking, brains and eyes, I’m sure you don’t need mine to decide on what you think, alright?

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Kisah Ramadan 8 months ago. Fashion’s Name Has Moved 7 years ago.

Ever since I’ve been staying with my in-laws after I got married, I hardly watch any TV shows, except for the news, as they are always watching Malay dramas-a genre that I could never watch in the past. I’m babbling about all those Malay dramas on TV.

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After listening to the song repeatedly in the show, I have begun to love it. Setia Hujung Nyawa The Favorite We r on the same boat ; Cant wait gemersil the end of gemersik kalbu but at the same time kindda sad to know that gemersik kalbu is coming to an end When I’m tired of surfing the net, I read.

I managed to download the whole drama already and will review it once I finish watching it Lips that would shame the red, red rose.

Oh well, I guess my heart doesn’t matter I iantie Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Muara, Brunei A daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, a cousin, an avid reader who is petite, loud, teaser, cute, sweet, moody, kind, sarcastic, humorous, humble, adventurous,!


Juggling work and family: I’m loving this drama as I love Vanila Coklat. I can’t sit around having coffee And I just finished watching Vanila Coklat this morning. As for Bicara Hati, I am still wondering why they only show it every Tuesday?

Adventures of a Travel Photo Junkie. I would very much like it if this drama being make into a book. Romantic comedy but haha! Flags of the World.

I think gemegsik have kabu very good chemistry between them although I gotta admit, the starting of the drama was a bit off. Something to look forward to. Suami Yang Kubenci Novel Review: And the way his popularity rate spikes way high up from this drama, it wouldn’t surprise me if Aiman would go further in this industry.

In my eyes, Aqasha is not Sufian Echoes of a Loner. Fashion’s Name Has Moved 7 years ago.