With that scene with both of them laughing back and forth. Personally if she went beserk Kagura would wipe the floor with everyone. That’s why he’s the main character. Umibozu and Housen – They are said to be on the same level during Yoshiwara arc 2. Ketsuno clan and Yato tie. But this arc he proved it. What about kagura’s dad and brother?

I am sure Takasugi can match up with him pretty well, and Gintoki should not be able to hurt Kamui, not the slightest given what we’ve seen from Kamui’s attitude, and he was just chillax when Gintoki fight Hossen, from that we could somehow know that Kamui is a lot stronger. By Night — Episode: Though because of the story, the Yorozuya is probably the strongest group if it counted, they will always find a way to win like always. This arc was another legendary arc of that Gintama greatness. Zaire Adams , Skye Popov. Gin’s power combined with his allies always win. I would have to put it at third. Dana is upset when she finds out that Mr.

Gintoki is probably the strongest Samurai but we haven’t see Takasugi fight seriously.

Gintama’ Talk|”Four Devas Arc” Reaction – SAE With a K

There was just so much in this arc it was insane. Kamui isnt as strong as umibozou and isnt as skilled of a fighter as gintoki the only thing he has over gintoki is endurance and raw strength.

I was wondering when will he caght up to Kagura and Gin in sterght. I think he could take just about anybody. I had the impression that Gintoki was the strongest out of the Joui 4.

It’s hard to tell, I might think inaccurate but Utsuro cause he has immortality 2. Jizzy as you would call yourself because youre a dick The most butthurt award goes to you And clearly you havent watched that many shows thats why you cant determine if a show is unique or not Or maybe you’re just a child who likes common stuffs where hero saves the day and guys gets all the girls.


Though because of the story, the Yorozuya is probably the strongest group if it counted, they will always find a way to win like always. X is a victim of the revived Weapon X program that gave Wolverine his claws. Kagura as the strongest female, probably in the top3 if in berserk mode. The Amazing Race — Episode: Camp Woodward — Episode: I cant wait to see Takasugi actually in a fight, the most i’ve seen of him he’s just standing around being bad ass. The claw game with nasty treats Sport Damian, deion, and dad play with an electronic claw game but the treats are very nasty to eat.

Gintoki the stronger the enemy the stronger he gets especially if he had a sharp sword that wasnt made of glass plus he has plot armour 4.

There is probably at least 1 bug in your room. Judge Judy — Episode: A Cat and Mouse fighting for the good of all, not fighting with each other? Gorilla-sama defeated Toujou, who is supposed to be the strongest of the 4 Devas, with one blow and a sand-papered ham. That’s why he’s the main character. Gintoki won vs Hosen only because of Hyakka’s repeated interference, a cheap shot and the sun.

Ketsuno clan and Yato tie.

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And the main theme of this arc being gs. Leading to his lost to Gin in the most epic way. Into the Badlands — Episode: Takasugi is stronger than Gintoki? He is also a pretty strong individual. You guys are overrating the hell out of Kamui.

A Skyrim Story Abridged — Episode: Then ofcourse The strongest group is the Yato group, but the Yorozuya usually come out on top of things Umibouzo episod would be the strongest if utsuro wasnt immortal 3. Pretty sure you guys are over rating Kamui because Kamui seemed like on equal terms when he was fighting Okita. But I absolutely love her so I am being totally bias.


Day 2 of clamour and they have lots of fun trying out new games and hanging out with friends. BBCode Short of the day: You mustn’t forget Saigou-san. But Gintoki is the strongest single character right now. Is this a rivalry taken too far or is the killer driven by epieode darker? Truman is given the opportunity to return bintama the police force, but the choice to go back isn’t an easy one.

TV-G 23 min Family. Good Bad Flicks — Episode: Kamui and Kagura Yato mode tie. Jericho was an amazing antagonist this arc. Kamui and gintoki about the same but i reckon the gorilla is just going to make gintoki stronger and stronger.

The Mighty Mol — Episode: Kagura’s fight when she released her Yato clan power was so intense. She’s up gs as the most powerful I would say. I would have to put it at third.

Gintama – Gintoki & Zura Vs *Harusame.

Then jsricho after, just seeing them slaughtering all of those Armonto. When both Gin and Jericho where laughing after the finally met for the second time. Gintoki couldn’t beat Hosen with his own strength.