Sonny Strait as Rupert de Giret 7 episodes eps 13, 15, 19, Part II Mar 16, After Kujo rescues the real Avril Bradley, the duo confronts Kuiaran the Second on top of the library tower who came looking for the book. Anastasia Munoz as Jacqueline de Signore 5 episodes eps , Theron Martin has the details. Game Reviews Columns incl.

Meanwhile, the other Brian, who has taken Victorique away in a stagecoach, attempts to kill her to erase Cordelia’s “pain” as he sees it. Archived from the original on March 16, Lisa Komine official blog. This classic supernatural samurai adventure manga hasn’t been adapted into animation since the s! Atsushi Abe as Ambrose eps , Directors, Actors, and Themes Jun 20, Victorique reveals to Kujo that the Avril Bradley he knows is actually an impostor and the successor of the legendary thief, Kuiaran.

Instead, Kujo is knocked unconscious and the book disappears.

Once again reunited, Kujo and Victorique state that no matter how the world changes, they will always be together. He begs Victorique to find him a book in hope that it would give him a clue to Avril’s mystery. Works Pierrot Production Reed R.

Justin Cook Michael Harcourt. Fujimi Shobo and Kadokawa Shoten published 13 volumes between December 10, and July 23, ; nine comprise the main story, while the other four under the title GosickS are side story collections. Chinese Taiwan cast none.


Meanwhile, Victorique succeeds to unlock the secrets behind Leviathan, the clock tower and the truth about her own origin. Retrieved March 10, To complicate matters, two of the tourists who were visiting the village with them are killed among strange circumstances.

Begging her to keep living for her mother’s sake, he passes on. Using her wisdom, Albert exposes Jupiter Roget’s identity as a Gray Wolf to the other nobility and runs him out, then persuades King Rupert to make an alliance with the rising power of Germany. Guided by a woman who resembles a lot like her, Kujo manages to find where Victorique is held and learns from her that the woman is most likely her mother, Cordelia.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Amanda Gish as French Girl eps Lisa Komine official blog. The floodgates shielding the convent are opened by a time-release trap epksode by Albert, flooding the entire area, and Kujo barely escapes with Victorique.

Retrieved from ” https: Takayuki Sugo as Marquis Albert de Blois 8 episodes eps 11, Theron Martin has the details. Works animated by Bones. Aya Hisakawa as Queen Coco Rose eps 13, 15, Archived from the original on January 15, Dancing All Night Chris Gosjck as The Knight ep Victorique gets a fever as Kujo sets out alone for some errands in Saubreme.


Gosick Episode 1 – 24 (End) Subtitle Indonesia – Kazenesia

Kotaro Nakagawa ep 19 Tomoki Hasegawa ep Jin Yamanoi ggosick Signore eps Mari Okada 11 episodes eps, 12, 117, Shinichi Inotsume epsToshizo Nemoto 7 episodes eps, Storyboard: Lydia Mackay as Coco Rose eps 13, 15, There, she tells the story of a mysterious incident from the past where she was falsely accused syb murder, unaware about its connection with both Victorique and the reason why Grevil has started bearing his unusual hairstyle.

Reiko Suzuki as Roxanne eps 1, 3. Retrieved April 11, There he meets Victorique, a mysterious yet beautiful and brilliant girl who never comes to class and spends her days reading the entire contents of the library or solving mysteries that even detectives can not solve. Masaki Aizawa as Middle-aged guest A eps