Published on 2 November Given what’s happening recently with recent shows though, I don’t actually think it’ll end up staying up. Subscribe for more Videos! Its been great experiencing this anime with you guys and your funny reactions shame it may be over next And I don’t think this is fast. Monochrome Factor episode 1 eng sub Anime4ever 10 years ago.

Accompanying her on this journey is her sworn elder brother Mo Zixuan and the mysterious youth, Life’s Hardship. People do realise that a lot of anime had chinese influence right? Did she just left her mother like that???? Bringing Back Home Mr. Also support the creators: Or did the body can endure without eating and drinking cause her soul not there? However, danger arises again and again as they are continuously attacked by people they meet on their journey. I love how Chinese anime is spreading through the whole world.

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Beautiful Sadness 2 years ago. Where female are just a tool to males. Who ever doesn’t like watching donghua’s due to the language or animation style sure is missing out on a lot of great ones. Alas she need to make sure someone take care her mother whatever the reason is. I look forward to seeing more chinese anime now thanks again for the english subs.


Special thanks to the wonderful cast and everyone else who helped make this possible. When they turn this into a live action adaption. I do not own this videoit belongs rightfully to its owner.

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D so was busy but here u go. Hello there people and welcome back to some more Top Really hope you guys enjoyed the anime as I did Monochrome Factor ichixoku 1 eng sub Anime4ever 10 years ago.

Sorry that video is up late its my birthday today: All Special A episode with English subs, uploaded by Shitai. Watch it before it disappears I suppose. Only one episode left For people who say they are talking too fast, that’s because Chinese is an information-compact language.

Bringing Back Home Mr. This Weeks Ship is Mattsun x Mari! What needs to be said in a whole sentence in English, can be said with a few characters in Chinese. I mean gurl your mother need to eat, drink and shit and you just leave her alone like that?

Hiyokoi Episode 1 [ English Sub ] Hycau 1 years ago. Chinese and Korean movies give us a lot of hope about human potential and our future If we develop skills and good moral behaviour the planet will be saved.


Subscribe for more Videos! Abonnez Vous a la Chaine Et Merci pour votre soutien: Dongguo Xiaojie, a young girl, has hanaayaka together with her mother ever since she was little. If you want to listen to them go slower change the speed of the video to 1.


To save her mother, Dongguo Xiaojie set foot into the unknown on a dangerous journey. If you like what you see be sure to Did she just left her mother like that????

Servamp episode 1 English dub Tavon Covington 8 months ago. Accompanying her on this journey is her sworn elder brother Mo Zixuan and the mysterious youth, Life’s Hardship. I was working on the release of two other Just what conspiracy is hidden behind this journey? Wolf Girl and Black Prince episode 1 eng sub Sxly 2 years ago.

Dongguo Xiaojie Episode 1 – English Sub

Nothing belongs to me, I just share for the other fans. Thank you, everyone, for the love and support and especially the patience!

Episode 1 English Dubbed harley quinn 1 years ago.