I always end up watching and refreshing when there’s no line in the subs. Snatching her bag and dumping all the contents on the floor so he can show how she doesn’t have any expensive things? Pretty Boy Episode Compressed S For a long time he lives abroad. And yeah the changing and LACK of subs in somewhat vital places really put me on edge. People who hate this drama is so fun. Sometimes I feel like she gets convenient lobotomies depending on what dynamic the boys are supposed to have, which is truly madly deeply lame. I want city hunter 2 there story good kissing , I like LMH but going back as a kid even if he act cute and he is ,but hard to believe.

Why did you follow me? But, the other 2 got sucked into this crappy drama. Rachelle November 3, at 4: Kim Tan and Young Do walking out with orange slurpees. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! This guy has got talent and is clearly overshadowing the lead actor.

I adored both the depth of what the drama was epiisode and also the style in which it was said. He probably thought Koreans would eat it up like they did BOF-clearly their tastes have been upgraded since then! Fun-Lugha October 31, at 8: The girl who snatched Rachel’s name tag?


It’s wacky, hilarious, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. I agree, Cha Eun-sang hejrs annoyingly whiney. CY advises her to keep her secret; JY is transferring today. LMH did not allow anyone else to take photos with him.

That scene with the pillow exploding everywhere floored me.


Heis replies that he has nowhere to go. Choi Su A Kim Ha-neul works as a flight attendant for 12 years. But I guess it is part of Korean school culture Dad heard that Tan hit YD.

Blog Design by Gisele Jaquenod. This drama is starting to feel like Boys Over Flowers for me. Madam Han struggles to get out of bed with a wine hangover, and Mom starts to write a snappy comeback for her to stop drinking so damn muchonly to realize mid-sentence that she maybe ought to rethink it.

BN exclaims she has a boyfriend. Asking the night before to have breakfast the next day?

KA has a massive headache. It’s really cool to read your comments. They are trying to get permission to film during weekdays after school.

Heirs [Ep.8] (Links/Discussion) : KDRAMA

Which part was hard? But he lives under the constant shadow of his older half-brother, Kim Won Choi Jin Hyukwho is already an accomplished young executive in the family business. They are well acted. I kinda love it as well, go go team Woo bin although I totally hope he bangs Rachel instead, those 2 would be a much sexier, scarier and more effed up couple. Scarlet Heart Ryeo watch full episodes here. Nothing happens ever, just some lame plotlines, with barely any plot.


Also, the best couple there is,this one: It seems they were included before. BN confronts Tan, thinking Tan has come to see her.

Recap: The Heirs Episode 8

Your email address will not be published. Oh give her a real, mutual kiss and she would have the same response.

Link Previous Discussions Ep. About allabouthappyendings A freelance writer and mommy who has a lot of things to share to the world. He comes out to find Eun-sang on dramactazy way out from speaking to his mother, and she asks with a long sigh for him to leave her alone in this house.