Is there another reason why he had a seizure? And he must be feeling guilty as he promised Jinyung that he would help Kwanghyun no matter what. February 20, August 7, dramasrok Horse Doctor , sageuk. They order several different kinds of dumplings and wait with anticipation. So does Kwanghyun behave instinctively as a yangban even though everyone thinks he comes from the peasant class? I did , a voice replies and a figure appears from the darkness — guess who!

He grabs some paper and a calligraphy brush. I think we can guess who is sending the notes to Jinyung. March 6, August 7, dramasrok Horse Doctor , sageuk. April 27, August 7, dramasrok Horse Doctor , sageuk. But the doctor and assistant missed the boat too and so they all have to stay overnight to wait for another boat. Myunghwan really is very sneaky here. Something must have happened to Dr Ko. There was no strange noise or anything and surely the horse is used to the king riding him.

Xoctor now at last he understands what kind of person Myunghwan really is. Even with the death penalty he seems to lack. But he stops her.

Hopefully there will be more comedic scenes in the future. Sungha looks at her with sorrow in his eyes probably thinking she has false hope. This is a shocker for Myunghwan.

In the middle of all this, Kwanghyun manages to break his hands free and starts to fight back — although there are lots of men with swords against him and he is unarmed! Then one of her own guards escorts Kwanghyun to a waiting boat to escape.


Horse Doctor Episode 18 – dramasROK

The last part of this episode was fantastic. Myunghwan persuades the king that the new clinic is for the best Jinyung is back at the palace and on her way to see the king when she bumps into the princess at the royal stables. This episode dovtor on the student doctors as they nervously try to diagnose their royal patients. Myunghwan goes to pay his respects to Dr Ko who dramasroo puts his trust in his hands.

Dr Ko has struggled to see the king to beg him to save Kwanghyun. His arm is bleeding and the xramasrok rips her petticoat to bandage his wound. Chef gives them money. He wants to know if Lord Oh is really cured or not. In the background we see Kwanghyung quietly watching the scene. The king summons him and demands to know if he is willing to put his life on the line to save Dr Ko.

Horse Doctor Episode 28

Kwanghyun is in pain and goes off to a storeroom to find herbal medicine to treat his sword wound and he gives himself acupuncture for the pain. Lord Jung Read more. Jinyung and the princess both seem lonely without him. He would have more impact if we saw some good in him too.

But Sungha will act out of love. He feels that Sungha is trying to help Myunghwan hide his crime. Inju is shocked to hear that Myunghwan is the doctor in charge of Dr Ko. Kwanghyun quietly watches the chaos at the hospital The princess is in her palanquin hurrying to see Eunso who has called her urgently.


And now for the best sequence of events in the drama so far horee 1. The drama Heojun presents the doctor as an earnest and heroic figure of medicine similar to Kwanghyun.

But just then her husband marches in and catches them there.

Horse Doctor Episode 30

Meanwhile commoners are causing chaos in the hospital grounds complaining at the lack of care. But the doctor and assistant missed the boat too and so they all have to stay overnight to wait for another boat. Inju blames the poison Dr Ko was given for aggravating his condition. And it is the SAME doctor who is treating him again. He admits that he has known all along that he has this illness. I am curious about Taeju. Sungha reminds Kang that he warned him to stop this.

Should he face the death penalty? Meanwhile we find Kwanghyun somewhere away from the palace where he seems to be working at a port as an unloader.