Freddie gets a job at a Pear Store, but when Carly, Sam, and Gibby go down to the store, Freddie is given incredibly dumb customers, which Sam can sell to easier than Freddie. Benson and unplug it, but Spencer isn’t able to pull the plug out of the outlet before the machine runs out of corn, so Mrs. S5E11 “iToe Fat Cakes” aired: He then makes one that shoots corn at intruders, but it malfunctions and accidentally attacks Carly, Freddie and Spencer. Sam knocks him out and sells the head. Ethan Munck as Guppy, BooG!

Then the nerds say that they’re in a band and Gibby tells Freddie. Thanks to some of Gibby’s usual misfortune however, the cast of both shows almost gets in trouble. All articles lacking reliable references Articles lacking reliable references from January Use mdy dates from June Infobox television season articles that use the season name parameter Articles containing potentially dated statements from All articles containing potentially dated statements. The opening sequence has been modified in this episode to showcase more footage of the upcoming episodes this season. Audible Download Audio Books. Login or Register for free.

After returning from vacation, Carly falls ill with “Jungle Worms”, but feels better after two days, although she is still contagious.

The episode and series concludes with Carly, Sam, Freddie, Spencer and Gibby all reflecting on the many ups and downs they have shared over the years while Carly watches archived highlights of various iCarly webshows before her plane takes off.

It is the third hour-long episode to be produced as two episodes the 99th and th but broadcast icrly a single episode. In the meantime, a waiter is insulted when the iCarly gang tease him and sabotages their food, which is accidentally passed to the three friends, who later get sick. Meanwhile, Gibby buys a Galaxy Wars toy phaser and becomes depressed when Sam breaks it while beating up a bully for Lervin at the Groovie Smoothie.

Once Nevel finds out, he dresses as a purple robot and give the foo,s candy, which changes their voice and freaks out many people. After watching her for eleven hours, they figure out where she lives and go to her apartment, breaking down the door. The opening sequence has been modified in this episode to showcase more footage of the upcoming episodes this season.


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Retrieved 2 May After Harry Styles drinks from Carly’s water bottle, he gets Jungle Worms from Carly and then she takes care of Harry and he is still in bed after a week, much longer than Carly was sick for, making Sam believe that Harry is not actually sick any more and just wants the attention.

If the error persists – please mail us a details problem description using the contact-form: Watch iCarly iParty with Victorious Online.

Watch iCarly Season 5 Episode 8 www. They try to have it focus on Mrs. Buttman calls and he threw his crutch to his room and struggled to get onlihe there to talk to him.

They finally let him fall, and he collapses in a huge pile of toys and prizes. After the dance, Colonel Shay informs everyone that he has to return to his base in Italy, and invites Waatch to move with him.

Nevel finally feels he has had his revenge for the”iCarlys” not regaining his popularity after the incident with the man in a wheelchair. Would you be so kind and please: Carly and Spencer are being evicted from their apartment, and the gang reminisces about their time in Bushwell Plaza. Carly awaits her father’s arrival in Seattle to escort her to iapgil Father-Daughter Air Force Dance, but she gets a message saying he is unable to come.

The new episode onpine entitled as the iCarly iParty with Victorious.

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Carly and her friends do an episode of iCarly saying it was their fault and not Jimmy’s. Spencer has a new nemesis – Chuck’s more menacing younger brother, Chip! Get the latest info, videos, images, clips and details of how to watch iCarly TV series including reviews on latest episodes. The American children’s television series that airs on Nickeloendeon will icraly having its comeback with 26 episodes.

Retrieved April 16, How to watch free icarly episodes http: Soon, Carly has an over healthy dinner, she gets sprayed by a tick-gaser, and then Mrs.

Back at the loft, Spencer finds a pair of night vision goggles. Then T-Bo comes in the loft in the elevator and they bet that Carly can’t stay at the Bensons’ all night and ia;ril she can handle that, he would not come to the loft without asking and she could go back to the Groovy Smoothie.


Carly tries to flirt with a nerdy store employee, but he is oblivious to everything she tries. Gibby tries to salvage his phaser, but Freddie confirms pnline has gone beyond repair. When Sam learns her Mom is in a Vegas jail, the gang decides to gather their iaprio prized possessions, drive to Vegas and pawn their stuff to make enough money to bail her out.

When Sam’s longtime friend, Dana, is released from the juvenile detention facility, Carly really wants to meet her, but Sam doesn’t think it is a good idea. Meanwhile, Carly tries to get a clueless guy to ask her out, and Spencer has to volunteer at the local firehouse. Liam Payne announces that the boys will have to cancel their shows in San Francisco if Harry is not better soon, so Liam, Zayn, Niall and Louis discuss with Carly, Sam and Freddie what to do to try to get Harry out of bed.

At the Pear Store, Freddie is still getting dumb customers, and Sam has been iaprjl to assistant manager. At the end of the episode, the iCarly gang has a iqpril spaghetti taco but first they play Jamaican laser tag.

During an iCarly webcast while they’re trying to have peace and quiet without Chuck and Chip knline trouble, Chip antagonizes everyone with loud music, making it impossible for them to continue, revealing that he will mess with Carly. Carly and Spencer are about to leave their apartment on April Fool’s Day because they are evicted by Mr.