Yes, someone told her that “it seems the fake doctor and Jae Hee knows each other. He explains how both his parents are dead and that he dropped out of college to become a bartender. I especially love Eun Ki right now, but frankly all three leads are interesting. After the brunch, when ma ru says the place class level of trash was too good for jae hee, it felt so good. Or of a Eun Ki who cares more about her mother’s death than the fate of the company or her place in it. I thinking more will be coming. It’s her grasping that has set the ball rolling in every source of conflict we’re looking at right now in the story, which makes her easy to cast as the villain of the piece; but if you think about it, character wise, there’s not a soul around her who could claim moral superiority – except maybe Maru, and that ‘maybe’ is edgng closer to ‘no’ the more we learn about him and how far he’s willing to go.

Which means that she should be detecting a compromise of some sort in her information-gathering faculties – namely Possibly Gay Lawyer’s reports. Or maybe he just missed the old Jae-hee? MaeAsh September 22, at 1: Jin se yun and han chae ah, I was a mess. My guess is that Maru still has something like feelings for Jae-hee. Her psyche already seems fragile as it is but I am so happy to be along for the ride. Oh, and I would have loved to have seen you during your Gaksital days. Given that it isn’t really unsettling Eun Ki at all in her interactions with the other two, she has enough information to know to play it close to the vest – and to know that she can use Maru easily.

She sits and thinks about the encounter.

I’m starting to get annoyed in Eun Gi honestly. It seems like a little time has passed, but not enough for Dad to get over the brunch debacle. Is nobody else pissed that EK’s cute lawyer doesn’t have more screen-time? It was already confirmed by joynara on soompi p.

I will be sure to bookmark your blog and will eventually come back down the road. She stays at the epizode to talk to him and asks point blank “Have we met before? But what I don’t want to see is he self-destruct in the process, dig up his own grave while he save the bitch that is Jae Hee. Episods just keep enjoying what SJK gives. Those years, seemingly wasted draamacrazy an ideal that now no sun exists. Thanks for the recap. I really hope that Maru has no intention of redeeming Jae Hee dramscrazy he’s all doomed and ready to accept that he’s doomed for the rest of his life.


Or of a Eun Ki who cares more about her mother’s death than the fate of the company or her place in it. I love it too much already. And for some reason i was hoping EK would call out MR’s name on the phone after her confrontation with JH just to rattle her Maru’s and Eunki’s mind games are the best I’ve seen in a while.

So why need Amnesia.?? I’m so curious about his back story. I thinking more will be coming. I do think Eun-ki is using Maru a little bit too – she found out where he lived, she definitely did some checking into his background.

He really is no catch for Eun-ki and it’s kind of a sad realization for me, anyway. Or even a bartender! I think it’s straightforward but we’re just thinking too much. I’m wondering if he was simply looking for evidence that showed he knew Jae-hee or if Eun-ki’s father kind of did “get” skb him in a way. I don’t know if it’s the coffee or the sbu for next week but my heart is racing.

Sng is playing right into her hands by showing up and offering to take down his former lover These two have completely different ways of conducting their attacks. Speaking of husbands, why are JH and the chairman not married already when they refer to her as second madame?

If they flip the script later on, oh well Love for JH, revenge and the doctor’s need to help those in need. Btw how did our man get env japan that fast, bet he travelled at the speed of light after the damn phone call: Kgrl September 22, at 7: A lot of dramas involving chaebols all check to make sure the child is theirs.


I found it interesting that he felt compelled to actually go through his old medical books.

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She’s a nice contrast to ejg overly jaded brother. Well, at least being serious about his revenge. Her dad still scares the shit out of me think Suyang of TPM left a deep scar in there somewhere.

But again, I think it is necessary to see Jae Hee tramples our heroine or else we won’t be cheering so loudly once Eun Gi is back to the field smacking Jae Hee’s ass back to the ground. I absolutely loved that speech Eun-Gi gave during dinner.

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Welcome on board to the ChaeKi ship. He’s the darkest horse of the bunch, and we know his biggest asset right now is that sramacrazy not afraid to go to extremes – not over this. Does he want revenge? Everyone gets a brooding session, and while Eun-ki clutches her doll in the confines of her office, Maru shaves a block of ice into a nifty ball, which he then serves with alcohol to Min-young. I can see this drama pulling that card, but that would feel like a cheap copout to me.

God, what brilliant comments, thefunofit and ladida. Oh if you decide to see it ALTK, have at least 3 boxes of tissues and try not to marathon it like I did. It’s confusing because each main character has conflicting drives. You know, I suspect that even of Ma Ru didn’t try to drag her down, Jae Hee would probably drag herself down. Jae-hee asks if the place where he elisode she belongs is the slums she used to live in. Is her crime that she ‘stepped out of her place’, or ‘messed with things’?

If my observation is right, Joon Ha’s investigation is not all done yet because he’s still not convince that Dramacrazh Hee and fake doctor knows each other. Their chemistry are on fire.