Why doesn’t one climb the tree and join him? You have been warned! How would you describe this book in few sentence? I will just start by saying that I have no problem with the fact that the book is bleak, violent and works as an expression of extreme nihilism. But the situation gets dark very quickly, and even before things get really horrible it’s easy to see that’s where it’s going. View all 39 comments. I’m not even sure what the author was trying to say about meaning. The worst for me started when a girls innocence was demanded.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Perhaps your beloved pet gets you out of bed in the morning, or maybe it’s your hope of eventually finding a loving spouse and a happy family, or perhaps then again you think you ought to keep living because God demands that. The joke at the end, however, is that they were willing to give those things up just to impress Pierre Anthon and the rest of the world. The jacket copy and some reviews talk about this book as being like Lord of the Flies. She has received many literary awards, and her work is translated over 25 languages. I finished the book, knowing that the plot was absurd and unrealistic in the extreme, mostly out of morbid fascination.

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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Mar 26, Monica rated it liked it. Ok, now apply that to the book. They start working at this closed mill, where they start building said pile by adding things that matter to them, willingly giving them up. May 07, Greg rated it it was amazing Shelves: The students grow uneasy about what Pierre is telling them.

A Il mondo annientato dai ragazzini. Ancora una volta reagiscono emotivamente, con una rabbia troppo spesso rivestita da freddezza, e alla fine solo il fuoco riesce a ripulire tanto l’edificio quanto le loro coscienze.

The style used here didn’t work for me. Pls fix cover, description, page count, etc. Except that kids do revert to a sort of savagery, but it’s a different kind of savagery in place here.

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They feel an urge to show Pierre Anthon some se,mi that there is meaning in life, which ultimately leads to violence amongst the children. Recomendado, pero solo para pasar el rato. I have no problem with the ‘concept’ the philosophical question of whether life has meaning or not by 7th grade kids I think its a little silly for adults to debate this question.


Los personajes son siniestros. I finished the book, knowing that the plot was absurd and unrealistic in the extreme, mostly out of morbid fascination. The BEST part of the book is the title: Am I supposed to accept that every single student is equally distressed by what Pierre tells them and that not a single one of them offers a dissenting voice?

Tellsr article includes a list of referencesbut its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. The worst for me started when a girls innocence was demanded. As this novel continues, the objects become a lot more sinister. Not only that, but it is about the subject of existential nihilism – which, frankly, fascinates me and has for a long time.

I am sure that the tellrr is to show how group mentality works and how searching for the meaning of life could happen anywhere, anytime but come on, these kids are not isolated and therefore the comparisons with Lord of the Flies are not exactly aproposlife goes on, they go to school every day, they go home every day.

No Danish writer and essayist Austro-German origin. But this is a translation.

Nothing by Janne Teller

View all 39 comments. Archived from the original on 14 Senmi Missing cover Catalan edition 2 10 Aug 31, They all go home every evening to their parents, so the reader is left to believe that all of their jaanne are deaf to the world of their kids, and no conversations about “meaning in life” or active engagement in meaningful life jannr are to be had by any of them.

Actually deeply bothered by him, instead of finding When picking up Nothing, a reader needs to be prepared to suspend their disbelief an extraordinary amount for what is meant to be a realistic, contemporary story. Does anyone know what the meaning is? It’s a small, thin book, with lots of white space, and morbid fascination can really increase my page count.


Janne Teller

And does it work better in the original Danish? So yeah, Nothing did not rock my boat and I know I am the minority when it comes to this one on top of awards, it also got starred reviews from Booklist, Kirkus and Publishers Weekly. Return to Book Page. View all 27 comments.

Why is it that all kids are equally threatened by this act, which I feel would only pose a minor threat to a few, and because of that they all turn into animals driven by base instincts? But it made me think. But as the sacrifices become more extreme, the students grow increasingly desperate jannee get Pierre-Anthon down, to justify their belief in meaning.

Maybe all she was trying to say is that children people? Apparently only one of them has to face his parents and it is the Muslim kid — who is severely beaten up. So, really, Nothing had me at the premise. La historia es atrapante. I feel stupid silly not understanding the jane of the book, in fact all of the book.

Apr 18, karen rated it it was amazing Recommended to karen by: But in the end, that morbid fascination was all I got out of it.

Presumably this story is meant to work as a fable, but it doesn’t whatsoever, and it is the semi yarn I have yet come across in young adult literature. This book is creepy-creepy-creepy! Why not kill yourself and escape all the problems in life? Burn one and keep the ashes in a matchbox on your desk. But it just didn’t deliver for me. At first I actually wondered if that was the whole point – serves you right, Emily, for spending a couple of quid yeller Nothing!

Jan 11, Christie rated it did not like it. Finally, there is the writing.