Sign in Recover your password. God showed her Emmy to me. Browse the Latest Snapshot. They are the news makers. Hangs out a lot with friends more than wife. Stop being a CEO at home. News coming in is that the premier dating show is moving to a new home.

Emmy Kosgei has finally answered his critic about her marriage to Nigerian tycoon pastor. They are the matchmakers. Which money can surprise me? Finds Home In Another Station. Learn how your comment data is processed. Woman in red Recipe for success: Here is the Mustapha Tujuane episode video.

Is always boiling like acid and always angry violent, moody, dominating and very dangerous. Notify me of new posts by email.

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We have finally come to the end of this blog. Not initiative and does not help wife with house responsibilities. By admin Last updated Jan 21, Tutaitana kukuombea, pls think again. See the video below: Tujuane Mustafa episode is one of the most memorable episodes since the start of Tujuane dating program in Kenya, if you have not watched the other episodes of Tujuane you can see the top 10 Tujuaneepisodes. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. Does things on his own without consulting wife.

The veterinary report also. Welcome, Login to your account. Tujuane Eda Otieno is on the troll this week in Kenya social media for silly things she said during the date on Tujuane TV dating show. Is clever and knows wife’s weaknesses and capitalize on that get relief from wife.

Finds Home In Another Station 0 7. I just have to, for instance, tell her that we need to visit mum or she is coming over, and all the excitement she had disappears — instantly. Finds Home In Another Station.


Her dead-fish-like eyes would have made any man take cover! Go on don’t give up because of what pple say about you but what does God himself say about you. They are the news makers. There are the best 15 pictures of this memorable wedding that took place in Nairobi. Woman in red Recipe for success: Welcome, Login to your account.

There was also a traditional wedding that came before this church wedding.

Husbands Mtn Attention too. Not always at home come as a visitor Provides family all material things but have no time for them. Here are the photos you should see on how Emmy Kosgei traditional wedding happened.

Another ceremony will be held at Revival Miracle Cathedral in Lagos. Hangs out a lot with friends more than wife.

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Since it was still early in the morning and dark outside, she flashed her torch. Here is the Mustapha Tujuane episode video.

Man accused of impersonating Uhuru lives on the fast lane. This story of Emmy Kosgei getting married to a Nigerian pastor simply won’t be wished away. We have watched the good dates, the bad and awkward dates, the uncanny dates and finally the ratchet dates.

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He loves me as I am and understands what I do. There are better things to come in future but on a new website. And when such a man looks for another woman for undivided attention, or hits the beer bottle for consolation, the same wife will have the audacity to complain.


Not long ago, the top Kalenjin gospel music singer abruptly broke up with a media personality, Linus Kaikai. The blog will officially be closed down and all the traffic redirected to the new site. Very moody and stingy and don’t consider wife’s emotions and the relationship enjoyable.

Thanks to the one-third-gender rule, women have increasingly become empowered, be it financially or socially. Claim or contact us about this channel. Emmy Kosgei wedding finally took place although so much criticism. Number 1 Tujuane Episode: Its been a year since I launched this blog but every good thing has an end. Another woman, who did not want to be named, calls this approach, childish, saying only the weak and the slow can opt for such. Browsing All Articles Articles.

A recent study found that women who wear red in their online dating profile photos are likely to get more messages and dates than those wearing any other colour Those who wore red or pink were about three times more likely to be at peak fertility than those who wore other colours. For those who have not seen the five photos of Emmy Kosgei husband see them here: