How great a woman was this who could not even rise from her chair! Salesians of Don Bosco. And thus the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians had their lowly beginning: Squatting low, the housewives would dab their linen with homemade soap, beat and scrub it vigorously on the flat rocks, and rinse it in the icy stream. Her intention to communicate through her own life the lessons she wanted to teach, and her commitment to being an example to those around her is very clear. The official poster of the film. The screenplay is based on testimonies of her childhood friends Petronilla, Emilia Mosca, Enrichetta Sorbone, and Caterina Daghero, who succeeded Maria Domenica after her death. Her lifelong friend, Sister Petronilla, one day asked her, “Mother, don’t you think our community is becoming too important?

But Catherine could not make up her mind. On August 5, , Mary and fourteen other women consecrated themselves to God, pledging to follow the simple rule that Bosco had drawn up for them. This bold move was just the tip of the iceberg, her real goal lay in using her new position to teach girls a trade, share her faith and bring them to know the Lord. He had not been mistaken when he had chosen her years ago to be the cornerstone of the new community of Sisters, a complement to his own Congregation. Longer hours of rest and healthful nourishment from the hands of her overjoyed mother restored the color to her blood-drained face. He read again of the Immaculate Conception Society – fifteen young women, already partly trained in religious life, anxious to work for girls, poor girls. Cyr, where the Sisters conducted an orphanage. The conviction that she was a peasant girl, fit only to do the humblest task, never left her and gave her every work and action an attractive pleasantness that took the barb out of correction, sweetened even a gentle reprimand, and won all hearts to her.

After a miserable night of sleep they all awoke, but Mother Mazzarello could not get up. Certainly, that meant something! Mother Mazzarello was not one to let events such as that discourage her so she took the sheets that they brought with them stuffed mqzzarello with straw, and made makeshift beds for all of them.

The Life Story of St. Mary Mazzarello (Mother Mazzarello) | Salesian Family of Don Bosco

Come, sing Mary’s praises! It is the practice of inner truthfulness that sets one free to love, the summit of accompaniment: After being elected Mother General of the Salesian Sisters, Mary Mazzarello felt that it was important that she and the other sisters have a good understanding of how to read and write; it was a skill which many of them had never had the opportunity to acquire. In this way it was possible to see from a degree angle the first FMA community that gave strength to the Institute.


Her illness, so abruptly changing her life – her twenty years of waiting for God to speak – her growing attachment to the care and teaching of children were they accidents?

He blessed her, knowing that from her, too, a blessing flowed into him and into the house that sheltered her. This site uses cookies. But her face, taut with pain and haggard with long days of illness, belied her words. She lives a Citizen of the World, for there is no death for God’s Saints!

Maria Domenica Mazzarello

Finally, in a soft undertone, she sighed. Her companions rushed her to a room and set her into an armchair. Studiously she attended class with the other Sisters and learned how to read and write. He went to Mornese with his boy band under the guise of raising funds for his Oratorybut his true intention was to investigate the possibility of founding a female counterpart of the Salesian Moive from the Daughters of Mary Immaculate.

Yes, of course, she knew her catechism thoroughly – she had beaten all the children of the village in that years ago, much to the joy of her parents, who bragged openly of their daughter’s remarkable memory. Then she began the impossible task of cleaning a week’s accumulation of clutter. But Death would take no excuse. Day and night she would not spare herself, washing, cooking, and comforting. You’ll never have any wine this winter if you hide in the shade! Mornese was a “death town.

With tears in her eyes, Mrs. The doctor analyzed it as a relapse into pleurisy and recommended absolute rest. God has called her to do a great deal of good. Was he called also to work for girls? Was she improving any? John Bosco, sixty years old, looking tired and a little stooped at the shoulders, smiled upon the drawn features of this forty-two mazzareplo woman who had been God’s chosen instrument to fulfill a great part of his apostolate for youth.

She was dizzy with thought. Two years later, six sisters were included on an expedition to Uruguay, where they established catechetical centers among the Italians who had immigrated there. In Marseilles their ship broke down and had to be repaired. She objected, alleging her ignorance as an excuse, but, on the Saint’s reassurance that it would be for only a while, she humbly acceded to his wishes and became Mother Mary Mazzarello. The building and the Sisters and the children were all gone.

Mother analyzed the problem and unquestionably told Catherine it was all a temptation. By good fortune, Don Bosco had just arrived a few hours before her. Eventually she returned to Italy, even though the doctor told her not to. It might not be much but it would be for the Lord.


Fifteen girls of Mornese, all of them anxious to leave the world and live the religious life but drawn to no particular order, desirous of living at home with their families, while bound by their vows, and benefiting the village children, that was the Immaculate Conception Society to which she belonged, but it would not last forever that way.

A Brief Account of the Life of St. For the most part they were poor – just the tattered homespun dresses, bare feet and unkempt hair of the peasant folk and the city slums.

Then straining every nerve and muscle, in a feeble and broken voice she painfully sang a hymn to Our Lady.

She continued to exemplify humility as the congregation grew steadily. Considering his vision of the young girls, Don Bosco decided to meet with them. Thanks from the heart!

You don’t mazzrello it yourself, dear,” broke in her practical mother. When she was fifteen she joined the Association of the Daughters of Mary Immaculate, run by her parish priest, Father Domenico Pestarino; it was a precursor to the maru of the Salesian Sisters. Maria Mazzarello, a life of rich, interpersonal relationships, and of the daily joy that flowed from the little gestures of a simple life.

Pestarino is going to allow some of us girls to live together in the cottage he owns near the church.

Those hands, roughened and cut by pebbles and briars, were meant to be helpful hands, to labor for others – hands of tender mercy to comfort mazzarelo heal, to lift and strengthen. The strain was too much for her feeble frame.

Now, Sisters, why those movif Mary movid enjoying her autumn stroll through the country. This presence and example is something she lived out every day amongst the girls, the poor and the sisters. But Mother Mazzarello knew her days were numbered: Typhoid took over the town! Mopping the sweat off their well-tanned faces, they labored on, their hands burrowing into the soil, skillfully setting the delicate vines in place and tying them tenderly with wisps of straw onto thin sticks.

But the relentless fever hungrily burned every ounce of strength out of her tired body.