To win an immunity pin, the chefs must cook against Benjamin Cooper. Genene and Hoda missed the attention to detail. Asian Street Food Challenge. Lisa with 18 correct guesses , Kristen 17 , Reece 13 , Sashi and Sarah 12 each were announced safe leaving the others to face the second round of elimination where they had to create their dishes with all 26 ingredients from the trifle in 75 minutes. The contestants compete to cook and sell their dishes at Melbourne’s Queen Vic night market. The competitors face a superfoods mystery box, before making one sweet and one savory dish using chocolate. Sashi’s Singaporean chicken rice received mixed reviews for the chicken despite winning praise for the flavour. It certainly looked more appetizing compared to James’ “brain” shake!

Those factors were enough to send Jess home. Neither Lisa nor Jo plated the chocolate in their dishes but Jo overpoached her peaches and her tuile was too thick which eliminated her from the competition. Season 6, Episode 14 May 26, Barter Episode 45 Pressure Test: Unlike her fellow competitors’ cakes, Gina’s was underbaked and the presentation did not match Katherine’s which saw her eliminated. The contestants compete to cook and sell their dishes at Melbourne’s Queen Vic night market.

This was enough to eliminate Sarah. Benjamin Cooper Episode 17 Team Challenge: This is huge enough but it gets even bigger. Sashi’s advantage was to choose one ingredient from each of two different pantries. MasterChef Episode 41 Tracy and James inspect the ‘heads’ and ‘tails’ trays. Season 6, Episode 21 June 6, However, despite his good run throughout the competition, Loki, who had the immunity pin last week, put his position at risk by participating the challenge.

Chef Challenge Immunity

Both of them were declared safe. All of the dishes, except Sashi’s pasta course, impressed the judges and between the three of them, they decided to vote Khanh’s fig dessert to advance to the semi-finals.

Time Auction Episode 24 Invention Test: Week 10 featured the remaining contestants competing for a special “Year Superpower” apron, which works similar to an immunity pin and a Power Apron but allows the bearer to withdraw during any stage of any individual challenge up to tasting. He chose one of the two citrus fruits lemons over seaon as the core ingredient. History Making Mystery Box. Season 6, Episode 43 July 6, Mystery Box Liquorice and Chicken. Episode emotions How was it?


During prep time, Brendan of the Red team was injured when his hand was cut on a broken bottle of olive oil; the other team members took charge. Brunch Cafe Service Challenge – The contestants were divided into teams: Jess thrived with the presentation of her dish albeit rushed in the spreading of her buttercream while her chocolate was undertempered.

Season 6, Episode 48 July 13, Season 6, Episode 22 June 7, Contestant Jo Kendray was a returning auditionee after two previous attempts to make it into the Top 24 [3]. Season 6, Episode 30 June 17, The flavours in both of the Red team’s Chloe and Genene dishes were bland. Season 6, Episode 23 June 8, Ben survived the second round, leaving Jess and Reece to cook-off in the final round with 60 minutes each and all the correctly-identified ingredients from the first two rounds.

Shannon Bennett Pressure Test. Retrieved 26 April While Genene’s quantity of her chicken dumplings are small, they were delicious in the tasting.

Lisa with 18 correct guessesKristen 17Reece 13Sashi and Sarah 12 each were announced safe leaving the others to face the second round of elimination where they had to create their dishes with all 26 ingredients from the trifle in 75 minutes. The Complete Mystery Box.

Billie McKay’s Mystery Box. Optional, please keep it short. Jess chose the big ingredients including eggs to cook her lime tart in 75 mastdrchef while Jacqui prepped barbecue prawns in 60 minutes.

The decision was close and, while the balance of the Red team’s main course was flat, their dessert was a standout dish. In the immunity challenge the contestant with the power apron will compete for a chance at immunity.

During the tasting, Alice had technical errors in her dish despite winning praise for the flavours but Kristen had technical issues in her mousse as it was overpowered with the other flavours. MasterChef Episode 41 Tracy has just realised that steam is being released from her pressure cooker.


Both teams joined Khanh to compete for immunity. Sweet or Savoury Pressure Test.

MasterChef Australia S07E41

The other contestants congratulated Tracy on her win. Fourteen contestants attempt to cook their way back into the competition.

Khanh took the advantage to beat the chef by picking Vegemite over peanut butter to cook his chicken and Vegemite dumplings. MasterChef Episode 41 Matt reveals his score for Tracy. Season 6, Episode 41 July 4, Get Me Out Of Here! Khanh risked the challenge by choosing both pantries to cook his duck breast with persimmon and ginger sauce.

Season 6, Episode 38 June 29, Three-Course Dinner Service Challenge – Gordon drafted the contestants into two teams and mentored them for the service challenge, where they had to cook a three-course dinner for fifty diners in four hours.

To celebrate the tenth season, the surviving contestant would receive a special advantage after the last challenge. Hoda and Loki both impressed with their dishes but it was Loki who won the challenge with his savoury take on the dish dosa with two chutneys to cook off against Alanna Sapwell, head chef of Saint Peter restaurant, in the second round. Peter Gilmore’s Snow Egg – The losing contestants from each challenge, except Reece who used his immunity pin, had to recreate three servings of Peter Gilmore ‘s Snow Egg from season 2 in two-and-a-half hours and plate the dish in ten minutes.

MasterChef Australia – Season 6, Episode Pressure Test: Croquembouche –

What’s in the Pot? Alice Wright – Ben, Chloe, Kristen immmunity Reece took turns naming one of 36 flavours of gelato where a lone contestant would advance to compete in the second round of the Immunity Challenge. This series introduces a change in the Mystery Box Challenge.