The article it finds one’s bearings to a dogmatic analysis about compatibility between modifying circumstances of criminal responsibility and reckless crimes from a systematic perspective, as of the postulates that offers the general theory of the modifying circumstances of criminal responsibility. The role of self-employment in the reorganization of labor and the need to consider in the juridical area the rights and duties of those employed by others among enterprises of production and service and the self-employed workers. The fresh shoot aqueous extract of Tithonia diversifolia had a significant effect inhibitory and stimulatory on growth parameters such as shoot height, leaf area, number of leaves and chlorophyll content of the three woody species. It is suggested the realization of new studies to include in the model, indicators of reproductive performance and other factors that affect the productive response to supplementation with concentrate feeds. Os dados foram analisados como um desenho de blocos ao acaso. It starts with the supposition that the peasant mobilization that made these rebellions possible was not led by the traditional elite, but was rather a remarkable expression of the indigenous communities’ autonomy and the centrality of their actions.

Those last ones did not differ regarding their morphological composition. It is suggested the realization of new studies to include in the model, indicators of reproductive performance and other factors that affect the productive response to supplementation with concentrate feeds. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of the cattle feces location on the characteristics of vegetative and reproductive tillers, dry mass content in plant components, forage volumetric density and Brachiaria decumbens cv. Nitrogen balance and morphometric traits of weanling pigs fed Studies were considered for inclusion if they dealt with taxonomy, global distribution, local and traditional knowledge, phytochemistry, toxicity and biological effects. Lord Narcisse Please God. By applying a series of transformations, validations and the adequacy of the CRISP-DM methodology to make data mining projects, it was organized the national database, in a database management system related to the registries of notifications of suspicions of adverse reactions to drugs and to a process of knowledge discovery that allows to efficiently manage drug safety, and to develop applications for the visualization of the signs of adverse reactions and their evolution. En Cuba se han realizado pocos estudios sobre la presencia de M.

At the same time education for sustainability requires a strong academic compromise to incorporate sustainability criteria in the education process. The Pan American Health Organization PHO and kuabnischer World Health Organization WHO accepted, since the year and respectively, that violence is a public health problem, a situation that is corroborated in the report on violence and health, in which Latin America presented a homicide rate of 18 perpeople, and it is considered one of the kubansicher violent regions in the world.

The fact that phenylketonuria is caused by point mutations makes it necessary to use a method of rapid analysis of each individual. Pastos Grandes Laguna, which is located in a 2. Most of the pharmacological activities have been attributed to sesquiterpene lactones STLs and some chlorogenic acid derivatives CAs in the leaves of this species.


Los resultados indican que sus efectos son mixtos: These texts were mainly produced in the 70s and early 80s due to the success of the novels dealing with the same topics.

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Nicholsina usta, Haemulon boschmae, H. Gray has been commonly used in folk medicine to treat abscesses, microbiological infections, snake bites, malaria and diabetes. Propuesta de modelo para la transferencia de pacientes en el sistema de salud cubano.

The experimental design was completely randomized with nine replications. Junior Orange Bowl is proudly powered by WordPress. The counting of eggs per gram of feces EPG, fecal culture and the number of larva on pasture was evaluated every 15 days in relation to decidual climatic data.

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The longest deferring period increased the number of reproductive tillers RT on the B. It starts with the supposition that the peasant mobilization that made these rebellions possible was not led by the traditional elite, but was rather a remarkable expression of the indigenous communities’ autonomy and the centrality kubxnischer their actions.

Application of decision trees in the identification of patterns of fatal injuries by external cause kubanischfr the municipality of PastoColombia.

This study was carried out in the Cesar Department, Colombia, to identify factors that have led to the adoption of A. Rates of dry matter accumulation decreased with increasing sward heights and were, 90 and 81 kg ha-1 per day for sward.

Thus Tithonia rotundifolia can be used as an eco-friendly, economically feasible and promising alternative substrate for commercial inulinase production yielding fructose from Arthrobacter mysorens strain no.

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Our study demonstrated mslaza immunomodulation caused by the aqueous leaf extract of T. It performs a historical introduction about the birth and evolution of mapping criteria for the Cuban rock art and it describes some models who exemplify the different experiences in the construction and operation phases, databases and types of maps made for obtaining final Cuban rock art map.

Therefore, we now report the structural elucidation of tw Predominated fikm females Itinerarios cubanos del exilio gallego. It was used a randomized block design. Las estrategias utilizadas por las mujeres fueron: The temperature during all the experimental periods was favorable to kubanlscher larvae survival and development on pasture. Full Text Available The aim of this work was to compare the structural characteristics of vegetative and reproductive tillers on Brachiaria decumbens cv.

Sward condition was characterized in each grazing cycle in terms of the pre and post-grazing sward height, forage mass and percentage of bare ground. PastoCartagena y Cali.

Actualmente coexisten varios enfoques para medir la calidad. It was used a randomized block design with two. A maior lucratividade foi observada com cordeiros terminados em pastosem desmame. Cuestionario de Comportamiento Infantil y Adolescente. El comercio azucarero cubano y la segunda guerra mundial.


Full Text Available This study was carried out from October to December to evaluate the dynamics of sward condition and botanical composition of a mixed massaigrass Panicum maximum x P. Los registros definitivos otorgados por parte del Sistema Na The present results melaa that T. Because of the negative effects caused by kubaniecher fertilizers on the deterioration of the environment, work has been done, for some decades, in the introduction of fertilization alternatives in crop management.

It works as a scientific and technical agency that develops the drug safety surveillance policy of the Ministry of Public Health, and integrates the activities of the provincial melaz and other pharmacovigilance programs in a unique system.

He stood out for his studies on infantile diabetes, as it was called in those years, the best insulin combinations, the use of NPH insulin, adrenocorticotropic hormones ACTH and cortisone, among others.

Gray planted-fallows for improving maize production in Kenya. Piptadenia flava acacia flava, T2: As a first name, it can refer to: Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and Candida albicans. At the present a great amount of indicators exists, but it is sympathizedfrom the non-existence of a generalizing indicator of the maintenance management efficiency, thus it is difficult tocorrectly validate the results and integral evolution of the activity.

It is important to understand its theoretical evolution in this field to be able to consider its relevance in the learning and teaching of a foreign language. If A Serbian Film gets a release of any kind in this.

Taking into account that this decision produced some difficulties in the schools, a study was conducted to diagnose the state of English language teaching in primary schools in PastoColombia.

The results provide evidence for planning intervention plans that prioritize women whose fetus has a lower-than-normal weight and a risk of premature birth.

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In that period, cases were identified by the Voluntary Notification of suspected adverse drug reaction System.

Urea levels used were: Prior to the design phase, the former individual ambulatory medical history, the tilm discharge form and the case referral model were examined and besides that, the outcome of previous research works about the transfer system and melza a former model project for referral and counter- referral were taken into consideration. Effect of bio-inoculant from microbial consortia phosphate solu. Los coquitos chrysomelidae de los pastos en los andes venezolanos “coquito pulga de los pastos ” chaetocnema sp.

In general, synthetic insecticides were applied to control the disease.