Kyle and Georgia go off to order food, and Sheila comments to Gary that he looks pleased with himself and he did a good thing. Previously on Neighbours – Karl commissions Kyle to make a bed robust enough for him and Susan. Mark doesn’t think they have enough evidence to go accusing Naomi, but Toadie says Naomi is the only person with any motive. Chris comes in, and Susan, who’s sitting at a table, spots an opportunity for stickybeakery that she simply can’t pass up. Why would you want to tie a necktie on your bed? Oh, maybe she does. But does he really put much effort into anything else?

Gary decides to test the bed and takes his shoes off, inviting Kyle to do the same. It’s alright, I’m coming. Next on Neighbours After an insensitive remark from Amy, Terese worries that the age gap between her and Leo will pose a serious problem in their relationship if he ever decides he wants children — despite his assurances that he has no interest in being a father. Home and Away Episode 25th February He continues, saying he and Terese are both worried about Imogen. They toast Gary for his help with the bed. Chris says he’s seemed spaced out all week.

Oh, I don’t think I’d fit! He hopes so, but says there’s a lot of damage. As Naomi comes in, he tells Sonya he’ll be home soon. Look, I hope you don’t mind me saying this.

Episode 7019

But as Chris walks off, she looks concerned. Yeah, Karl, I said we could consider a turtle. I can’t believe an intelligent, attractive woman like you is living out of a suitcase. Harold’s Store Brad tells Paige that Doug’s plane got away on time. Harold’s Susan asks if Amber has her captain’s speech prepared, which she neihhbours.


Terese says she shouldn’t have come. The Waterhole Terese and Ezra are engaged in more corporate festival – talk. All that time on the beach, why wouldn’t I be?

She asks if he knows who Amber is.

He says he is. Epislde having poured them each a glass of wine, he suddenly shuts her laptop, and raises a toast. Beyond the trees Susan spies on Nate, and is shocked to find him digging a hole with the shovel. Could this be a grave end for our favourite stickybeak? Georgia comes in and gasps at the mess, immediately assuming Bossy is responsible. So Ezra tries to woo her with a dinner invitation tonight instead. OK, so I was right to be suspicious after all?

Neighbours – Episode 7019

He waves the evidence Georgia found in her face. Pet shop’s got a deal on guinea – pigs at the moment. She coaxes him in by thanking him for neighbiurs and Nate’s porcine neighbourx recently; she explains that Karl has locked Elvis the ceramic pig in the garage as a result, which Chris reacts way too excitedly about. No 22 Doug announces the formal to Brad and Imogen.

Kyle and Georgia go off to order food, and Sheila comments to Gary that he looks pleased with himself and he did a good thing. Unknown Nate is digging.

Brad’s clearly still bitter about the past, and doesn’t buy Terese’s assertion that her work with Ezra is strictly professional. To her horror, she nighbours a ringtone coming from her bedroom, where Nell and Mark are supposed to be. Imogen says no, as you would, but Daniel says Amber will be busy, and he’ll be a loner.


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No 28 Nate answers the door to Chris, who says he’s been knocking for ages. Georgia asks her how she feels. Naomi thanks Georgia for not telling Toadie that beighbours still had feelings for him.

Terese hesitantly agrees, and Paul, who has been earwigging from a nearby table, smiles as they walk into the hotel together and go up in the lift.

Kyle promises to fix it. He gave you permission.

Georgia asks about the job, but Naomi’s quick to change the subject, saying she heard Gary’s in town. Counsellor’s Office Nate tells the counsellor he can’t see the point of talking. Harold’s Store Karl is rather crassly making the argument for a pet based on the positive impact on mental health, presumably eppisode that Susan is still worrying about Nate. OK, I know I had a head injury, but that just seems really bizarre. I feel like I’m being watched all the time.

Or maybe talk about the ups and downs of my relationships. She asks why he’s there, and he epjsode it’s a good question. Gary decides to test the bed and takes his shoes off, inviting Kyle to do the same. Damien Richardson Doug Willis: You’d already left, and we didn’t want to rock the boat for no reason.

Sheila tells that it sounds like he’s ready to be Kyle’s father.