My name is Mereb Estifanos. What are your future plans? If I could get some formal professional training it would be very helpful. What is the reason? In short the work was demanding. Sometimes people think that the character you play in the film is your real personality. How do your parents see your acting career?

How did you manage to produce the tears while acting? And for those who are HIV positive, let us show kindness and care for them. I love it very much. It was by simple chance. But Tekhle was bad! The most basic is training rehearsal. There are many talented young persons in the country, in the military and elsewhere, who can write, sing, act, etc. I thank my family for helping me to reach this level.

I like Tekhle and his mother best.

As for Daniel, he was the opposite of Tekhle. And from the younger artists, I admire: His honesty and integrity should have been made more clear. I also want to thank artist Awel Said for supporting me in my career. My father and mother especially encourage me a lot.

My name is Mereb Estifanos. Then I watch her actions and other activities.


In our country the profession of acting is still in the rise. And what feedback did you get from viewers?

Mereb Estifanos# 1 Eritrean New Movie 2015

As has been stated repeatedly, you need to abstain or be faithful with a single partner. Mainly I want to thank the public, young and old, for supporting me for my modest contribution and encouraging me. What do you think? But now I am mature and can understand much. They see it positively. What is the relationship and cooperation among you actors? They are doing their part, but not enough.

So I suggest someone, either the NUEYS, or other concerned authorities should explore ,ereb find these talented people in the military, the rural areas, etc.

There are many talented young persons in the country, in the military and elsewhere, who can write, sing, act, etc. Eritrez remind me to keep the time of my rehearsal, etc. What did you aspire to become when you grew up?

I love it very much. The reason they are not active is, for various reasons. But I think I did well. I did not understand much what my parents used to tell me about the nation.


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The main responsibility lies with the director. We spent a long time in rehearsal and shooting. And what is the reason? Some people say that the film esifanos ended suddenly and it should have been continued.

They would find many outstanding artists yet undiscovered. How did you become an actress? It was by simple chance. In the future Mfreb plan to write more. He wanted to buy love through money and force.

Although I was born in Sahel, I did not know much about national issues. The complications in the story were interesting.

So we the youth must work with all our ability in order to build and protect our nation and help it prosper.