Please disable your adblocking software or whitelist our website. I suggest you to go to a mental hospital for your health. Bashir — Good one! Hey all…I actually loved the series …The story is gr8 and there is so much that goes around and keep you entertained all the way to the end. A flop as well!? Honestly, from where in the Middle East are you texting!? Whose baby is it? Confused at the ending when khalil Jumpd in the water who did he walk off with..??

I never got so sttached to a mosalsal like this before. Mirna is pregnant at the end. The Mirna and Khalil is a beautiful. David, I see you are not a normal person. Here some pictures of this series. Of course the world is not full of normal people. How can you even allow yourself to speak about English!? Because there is no need.

The Turkish drama:”Menekse iLe Halil.” aka “Mirna w Khalil.”

One of the most successful tv series ever broadcast in Turkey! See more Previous article Google: A flop as well!?

And I bet that it would remain so for an indefinite period of time! I mean you even admitted your a poor speller loser!!!!!!


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Oh, I almost forgot! Menekse ile Halil was deffinetly one of the best series if my book, even probably the best series episodw my book! They always end things so tragically its disgusting and very disappointing. But anyways it was a wonderful seires i hoped it had a happier ending coz it was choking at the end and I wonder how many of you cried at the end??????????

Otherwise ,watching a series like this again could be truly pointless. Wx, has absolutely nothing to do with the main writer!

Mirna and khalil was a great series until the very last episode. Seriously, you should be a shame of yourself! Menekse looks way better then Gumus and better then her — get over it! I never got so sttached to a mosalsal like this before. Follow us Facebook Twitter.

No need for any of onur I loved gumus as you know noor but now I hate him. So you know what?

To Siham, yes it was a flop. Hey girls calm down! But what about mirna? Go learn how to diss people before you try it out honey. David on septembre 5th, at 2: The very Beautiful and gorgeous Noor! Leave a Reply Cancel reply.


You only say bad things dpisode your mouth.

Allah episoe seni guldursun. Mirna is pregnant at the end. I remember I used to speed up my schedule throughout my day just so I can sit there and mour this mosalsal! They both deserve the same credit. Mirna and Khalil had a great story and were nice. Bye bye now … skank hoe. I think an actor or an actress must play for a mission,goal to give good ideas but not immorality.

What was this ending: So I suggest you learn the language first then chat! You just come to this site to throw up your grudge about the failure of the film you love, to the epixode. U r right, but Mirna also give somehow something like a romntic touch for the story, in addition, i love Kivanc when he cry, he seems so romantic.

Senin okumusluk niye Guluyordum!?

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