Sign up , Why? I like to related it with Prosecutor Princess. I enjoyed it tremendously though I had picked it up as an easy watch after my meals in between my studying time. I’m on episode 7 and I love their constant bickering. She even applied for a job at the company where Tae-hee was working to make her life miserable. I’m still at Ep I hope I never see another ” total bitch monster from hell” K drama again I have had my fill. I think Lee Sang woo is the expression man actor..

View all pictures for “Queen of Reversals”. He apologises to her for being agitated. But some buzzwords had aroused criticism and could not be kept as buzzwords. Is it just me, or does PSH look really really tired? Cut to Haemil and his team, assigning jobs in preparation for their big revealing day tomorrow. If the error persists – please mail us a details problem description using the contact-form: It’s just more or less visible depending on the lighting.

There family has one happy and blessful person right? To see a picture of them, you’d think “meh” but to see them in action, they become so appealing. She insisted that Doo Hee was not her mother, but Lady Amnesia continued to embrace her.

SOP Queen Episode 29 Recap

She even applied for a job at the company where Tae-hee was working to make her life miserable. Tae-hee is the total bitch monster from hell in the beginning but that doesn’t last long at all.

Go get it, Yong-shik!

There is nothing wrong with falling in love and being with the person you love. The fact that he is so appealing in a not exactly physical way makes him attractive.

All she wanted was a steady paycheck, a reasonable mortgage that she and her husband could afford, happy children, and a devoted husband.


Fairly solid acting, but story is not that interesting. Another random question- who is the guy who plays the police officer? She promises to face this problem head-on and Young Bum is close to tears, proud that his daughter is willing to walk by his side as they attempt to mend this broken family.

The show scored an average rating of, But it was fun to watch a person grow in a different way then what we’ve seen in most dramas.

I almost dropped the series a few times in this middle stretch when the marriage and divorce took center stage. She pulls him into a hug and he tells her that he will take Golden Imperial Sea back.

SOP Queen Episode 29 Recap | A Fairytale World

Baek Sul walks up to face an angry mother of two children, both of whom are hospitalized for food poisoning after having a meal at Sanarae. Biscuit December 21, at 7: The characters in the planning and development team of Queens Group, executive director Han Song-i played by Ha Yoo-mi who has never episoce in a relationship, and the elements of comedy which should push forth the overall story, failed to find any sincerity and hung in the air, But thankfully, you did it!!

The scene above is pre-released as still-cut. I like that PSY’s character gets the girl! If the error persists – please mail us a details problem description using the contact-form: She tells her to rest assure, she will protect Golden Imperial Sea in her place.

She tells him that it is impossible for her to do so.

I watched it straightly because of PSH but I found that overall the cast were great. They stay like that for long moments before Joon Young twists her hand out of his and walks away. They all laugh, oblivious to In Joo standing at the door.


Feature Video See why you should use folkd. I forgot to mention, but I think another great pull is the fact that Yong-shik starts off as the second lead. The family drama is exactly that.

GrandmaFran February 6, at 1: When Cai Dong goes to take a call, Uncle Zeng tells Tang Mi that she may survive through this round but where can she hide in the next ten, twenty years? Tang Jun just pulls Xiao Jie into a hug. And you’re right, if a guy that looked like him passed by, I wouldn’t even look twice, but PSH in Prosecutor Princess in sunglasses, brooding, or smiling slyly before swooping in for a kiss I can watch over and over and over again.

And you know she will. I couldn’t agree with you more! Totally fell for him in Prosecutor Princess!! One thing I also loved were the akpul bits between Gu Yong Shik and his dad.

What does she see in him? Hope tomolo will come better and nice try Park Shi-hoo definitely deserves an applause as his character wasn’t really annoying and his sincere acting made me understand his character more.

I LOVE this drama!!! I share the same sentiment with you. Play to your strengths, right?