Thankfully, they do a fair and safe exchange for their respective hostages. Yoo Jae Suk Main Cast. Twitter Facebook Tumblr Email Google. I dunno whats the hype on Suzy yeah shes pretty she looks exactly like Eun Hye I cannot believe how they look they look like cloones yah did she gets a plastic surgery? No one complained then, so why now? Jun So Min Main Cast. Variety jeongshin is baacckkk!!!! I want to buy the jacket!!

And he is such a cutie, totally impossible to wipe that constant grin off his face! You are commenting using your Facebook account. Did I bring the scene to life? JYP should do 1N2D! Email Address never made public. They can be Hyung and Dongsaeng! HA — are you an amateur variety producer on the side?

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Ji-ho isn’t going to change, but I’ll be looking for Gary to find a new way to attract attention. Nov 13, at 6: Nov 12, at 6: Rough start for the Giraffe.

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Five seconds in and already Kwang-soo gets a beatdown about getting overly enthusiastic. I couldn’t believe Kwangsoo tore Jung-myung’s tag off JYP is visiting all variety show? I agree completely Kwangsoo epdrxma just playing his role I dont want to see him always out its nice to see him betray someone bec Jihyo always do that but nobody complain even Jaesuk I want the easy brothers to be sneaky tricky brothers I definitely think that Haha shd have tear off Kwangsoo tag but he didnt so JYp could win they always makes the guests win its fine as long as the guests is fun I like guests like nan its much more funny than a boring girl idols dont you 9 JYP should do 1N2D!


It gets irritating and boring because it’s so predictable. But all in all, my fav guest was definitely JYP as he gave us some pretty good moments with the Easy brothers song and the advice to Kwang soo.

They could’ve outed spartakooks. You rpisode be brought to tears each week from laughing at their silly antics. I think this appearance on RM is more for his latest album.

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Kwang-soo immediately turns to help with good intentions, but episoce hyungs flare up at the inappropriate gesture. Seung Gi RM Fanpic: According to a new articleRunning Man will be filming through tomorrow, November 13 with a break at night, I presume. Thank you for the info. Cant wait for that!!!!

This leaves Jong-kook in a more vulnerable state as all three zero in on him. I was like, “what the???!!! I still think RM is strongest when it’s just the cast, but given the right guests, they could be downright hilarious. Each week, is filled with eprdama that includes trust and betrayal, knowledge and skills, physical strengths, and outrageous penalties.

Cast – Running Man. What we’re watching by DB Staff.


Everything Lee Seung Gi. The filming has finally ended: But an order comes in and they race to grab the phone. Han Ye Seul Cameo.

Email Address never made public. I wanted to see Jung-myung vs spartakooks Yoo Jae Suk Main Cast. Notify me runninb new comments via email. This is a long-running show, and I’m sure the individual members really want their personalities to stand out, one way or another. I found it entertaining. Funny that people like Gwangsoo better when he is losing, but I kinda feel relieved that he’s finally catching up Hee, this ep was OK.

I want him to make a guest appearance on 1N2D some time in the future, too! Park Seo Joon Cameo.

KIM KAI // [ENGSUB] Running Man Ep with KAI SEHUN

PD calls in again — this time, the customer wants lots of danmuji. What goes on in that girl’s head? Nov 14, at 3: Eperama two are love made in heaven!! Notify me of new posts via email. You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too!