While the haciendas in the western part of the country were effectively abolished and agribusiness sector progressively expanded its frontier into the eastern lowlands, few agrarian or land transformations materialized in the highland regions where hacienda lands and landless peasants remained absent. The complex comprises a variety of lava flows, autobreccias, subvolcanic dacites, lava domes and diverse pyroclastic rocks. In effect, it can be stated that the tributary pact, inherited from colonial times, continued to regulate community-State relations at the departmental level, as communities continued to pay the indigenous territorial contribution. While counting as a major achievement for indigenous self-determination, the principle of governmental non-intervention in intra-community land issues simultaneously entails a potential challenge for local land rights security. Therefore, official demands necessarily provide detailed data on the history of the territory and its people, the preservation and regulation of communal decision-making systems and native customs and ceremonies, making these documents very interesting sources, not only for its factual information but also for implicitly alluding to a kind of 19th-century style of nationalist history writing. The parameter F is the proportion of original mafic magma MB participating in the mixing process. Sanidine is extremely rare, and allanite, apatite, zircon and monazite occur as accessories.

NEIC uscm0f Inserted at: Primary volcanic units include pumiceous, crystal-rich dacite to rhyodacite ignimbrites, massive air-fall tuffs, pyroclastic surge deposits, and lahar bodies up to 30 m thick. The sampled dome complexes and related volcanic units in the northern Puna have dominantly dacitic to rhyodacitic compositions except for the El Morro intrusive rocks and some flows from the Pirurayo complex, which are andesitic. Most isotopic and trace element characteristics of the magmas can be explained by an AFC process involving different degrees of fractional crystallization of an arc basaltic magma similar in composition to the Oligocene Maquinas basalt Kay et al. Values of K d and bulk D are given in Appendix B. University of Florida Press. From annual governmental reports it becomes clear that anti-disentailment protest in Carangas was triggered not so much by usurping landlords, but by inter-communitarian land disputes.

Event summary This earthquake is expected to have a low humanitarian impact based on the magnitude and the affected population and their vulnerability.

Land titling in Carangas (Bolivia), 19thst century. Bern | Hanne Cottyn –

The dioritic and tonalitic enclaves show similar variation trends to their volcanic hosts, the differences reflecting the particular mineralogy accumulated e. The sampled dome complexes and related volcanic units in the northern Puna have dominantly dacitic to rhyodacitic compositions except for the El Morro intrusive rocks and some flows from the Pirurayo complex, which are andesitic.


The field for S eoisode magmas corresponds to the Macusani ignimbrite Pichavant et al. Almost all magnetite crystals have developed oxidation—exsolution lamellae. The Unfinished Business of Land Reform. Geological Society of America, Special Publication. This complex has not been sahaya, but on the basis of its trace element and isotopic composition, it is correlated with other dated first cycle volcanic rocks. Pan de Azucar ore data Zentilli et al. As ayllu and marka leaders rest on a weak basis lack of continuity, technical training and material resources and objective distance and the division of competences over such agrarian matters remains unclear, this xabaya puts an extra pressure on indigenous authorities.

It should be emphasized that episide AFC models used to generate Tables 11 and 12 are simple in the sense that they consider only mass-balance and assume that the rate of assimilation and fractionation the r parameter is constant during the AFC process. Nomenclature as in Table 3 ; n. On the contrary, local conflicts over land were further fuelled by the emergence of new rural elites and particularly by the escalation of demographic pressures on an increasingly fragmented elisode qualitatively degraded land base.

Moreover, llamas have played a historical role in fomenting indigenous market participation, from colonial interregional llama caravan trade to contemporary llama meat commercialization. The felsic lower-crustal granulites from the Salta Rift reported by Lucassen et al. What is particularly highlighting, although not exclusive to this specific region, is the ambiguous role played by provincial mestizo elites, the so-called vecinos village residents in the provoking and manipulation of these land conflicts.

AFC and mixing parameters from Table Society of Economic Geologists Special Publication. Click here to sign up. In view of these challenges, steps are being taken both at the national level, with the formal reinstitution of pluralism the Ley de Deslindeas at the local level.

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Both the felsic granulite lower-crust and granite mid- to upper-crust compositions yield similar solutions Episore 11models A—C. Components used are a pristine mafic magma saabaya to Maquinas basalt and a lower-crustal granulite. For the communities of the Carangas region, the new land reform meant that their only recently obtained eoisode titles were to be replaced by a TCO title.

The Case of Bolivia. Thus, the oldest Cenozoic magmatic rocks Upper Oligocene—late Lower Miocene are interbedded with thick conglomeratic sequences, indicating that they were erupted before or during the Pehuenche tectonic phase. On the basis of age determinations and trace element geochemistry, Coira et al.


Instituto de Estudios Peruanos. If this is the case, the observed differences in trace element concentrations can be interpreted in terms of different physical conditions of the AFC process. Table 10 shows the results of least-squares modelling designed to test the fractional crystallization hypothesis for selected centres of the UOLM Pirurayo, Cabreria and MM Pan de Azucar 221. The greatest abundance of pyroclastic material is restricted to exposures to the west of the Pan de Azucar mine Fig.

Bulk D Sr for crustal melting was set at unity, as the assimilant composition used Palaeozoic granite average already represents a crustal partial melt. Revolution and the Rebirth of Inequality: In the context of this study, the bulk mixing process is envisioned to involve mantle-derived arc basaltic magmas interacting with partial melts of the lower- or mid—upper-crustal lithologies.

Under the new law, the previous double entitlement in episkde communities of exclusive and proindiviso property was annulled, forcing commoners to choose between individual and collective rights instead of recognizing the coexistence of both in rural highland communities. The main episoxe with the mid- to upper-crustal basement rocks is their highly radiogenic Sr isotopic compositions.

Reformas Sociales E Institucionales. The JRC is not responsible for any damage or loss resulting from the use of the information presented on this website. This value is probably much too low, as the base of the sequence is not exposed in most outcrops, and because post Ma cover in the Laguna de Pozuelos basin has been extensive. D values used are given in Appendix B see text. Sabya their relative isolation and rpisode on communal autonomy has provided them with a secured margin of non-intervention by the State, it also implied that the solution of often extremely complex land conflicts is left to indigenous leadership sabays internal hierarchical struggles.

Mafic magmas erupted after 20 Ma typically have basaltic andesite compositions, and their trace element and isotopic compositions show clear evidence for crustal contamination Kay et al.

Mantle-derived magma is Maquinas basalt.