All these big, big things. The verdict is subject to review by Gen. Part one of the two-part finale discusses the juvenile justice system and the adverse affects incarceration can have on youth in the criminal justice system. She concludes that from a legal perspective, she would have voted to acquit Syed, although she still nurses doubts. Some cited resources dedicated to finding him that were not then available to other operations. Retrieved December 21, How credible was Jay’s story?

Some believe Syed was duplicitous, capable of committing the crime. Sarah Koenig Bergdahl’s hometown of Hailey, Idaho—which for five years had Bring Bowe Home posters and yellow ribbons all over the place—they planned this big celebration for him. And if they’re looking out at all, they’re looking into the distance, not directly below them. In addition to Jay’s testimony, evidence against Adnan Syed included a palm print on a map that could not be dated, and cell phone records. He wasn’t drunk or goofing off. His story was only going to live in that kind of antiseptic, upstairs realm of pissed-off politicians and military experts and cable TV commentators.

Then we get the first introduction to the music that will be with us for the duration of season two. He wasn’t talking on TV.

Sarah Koenig Nascimento and Coe were guys in Bowe’s platoon. So it wasn’t that I just decided, hey, I’m going to do it to prove that I can do it. Or worse, a traitor?


Episode 01: DUSTWUN

One of Bowe’s friends told me that he was always a meticulous packer. The verdict is subject to review by Gen. The navy is alerted. They were the big threat in Afghanistan.

Boal had conducted a series of interviews with Bergdahl as part of a film production he was working on, and both Boal and Bergdahl gave Koenig permission to use those excerpts of those recorded interviews in episodes of Serial. There are no words. Ira Glass is our editorial adviser. But that leaves out the reckoning desired by the military. Kim Harrison xeason it was the worst idea ever.

The public anger at Bergdahl is personal, wrapped in larger questions about negotiating with terrorists. As sexson result of this anger, the Republican congress changed the legal wording on Gitmo foreign transfer language, creating a stricter standard as a direct result of the Bergdahl trade, and the administration not telling Congress the truth.

Here’s Austin Lanford, the guy who Bowe was supposed to relieve from guard duty.

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Which is fine by me, and just as it should be. His idea was to make a slight detour, to shift a bit more toward the hills, where some houses were, thinking he’d have a better chance there of catching someone moving around in the dark, unawares.


The American soldiers had strung all this concertina wire around the place. It is everything that you’re missing. The army launched an investigation. Retrieved 29 October How are you doing? Archived from the original on December 24, Sometime after midnight on June 30,Sgt.

Did Syed ask Lee for a ride after school to get into her car? It’s a Black Hawk. Uh, they took an dustun hesco. He has an office job at a base in San Antonio, waiting for the Army to decide his fate, just waiting — which he knows how to do.

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Srial description of his captors is confusing, largely because his perspective was dusrwun inside a cage, inside a locked room. I mean, those were the things. Views Read Edit View history. Bergdahl wanted to “kill the bad guys”, and do better at engaging the regular Afghans, but he felt the Army was not fulfilling its counter-insurgency mission. So let’s start at the beginning. His peers all offer theories: Is Bergdahl a deserter, or misunderstood?