Silvatein Episode 14 in High Quality 9th May Lets see whats next. That most of the action, inaction actually, takes place with the characters seated, either on beds, couches or around the kitchen table, gives the feeling that the story is literally at a standstill. On the other hand, Zaib with her placid smile and her beyond believable tendency to protect her younger sister makes me want to strangle her. She was helped along to the next world by her younger daughter in law. So true about the ending … I hope Samira and Shehrazade come through with an ending that justifies the story, not just a meaningless sappy ending where one day Natasha wakes up and decides to turn over a new life, apologizes, and they all live happily ever after..

Embed this content in your HTML. How I wish that Shehrazade and her DOP had shown some creativity in framing the scenes and added some movement, and that Six Sigma had loosened their purse strings a bit more and added some outdoor locations, moving the narrative beyond the confines of the four walls, bringing in a much needed breath of fresh air to a now claustrophobic story. Daniyal is another one who is really good and believable as Chotu, just wish his character would have been a bit more believable, and shown some growth. Bas ab it needs to end…. Those 5 episodes were so dragging ke it took me a while to catch up! Silvatein By Ary Digital Episode 22 — 4th july


Fingers crossed ke ab agle ek do eps are better than the past few ones!

Silvatein Episode 16 in High Quality 23 May Silvatein episode 1 by ARY digital — 7th february Germany bookmaker bet review by ArtBetting.

Ailvatein brings up another ethical dilemma: Silwatein Episode 9 4th March Tune.

Silvatein – Episode 18

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Silwatein Episode 10 by Ary Digital 11th March Girlfriend, you have a husband, lame duck as he might be, you have a daughter, and are expecting a second child…how in the world do you find time to go on all these jaunts to all these deras?

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I thought exactly the same thing as well — mere dil ki awaaz!!

Silvatein Episode 18

Silvatein episode 5 in High quality by ARY digital — 7 march Powered by WordPress Back to Top. Silwatein Episode 11 by Ary Digital 18th March You are commenting using your Twitter account. Hum bhi khareed lenge…… Like Spisode. She can find humour in almost anything and lives in the great state of Texas USA but she misses England.

I love watching Adeel and Aamina together, I latesr wish they had livelier characters to work with.

Learn how your comment data is processed. I saw amina repeat three dresses from her interviews on the show. Khudgarz Episode Review.

Silvatein *HQ* (Last Episode ~ 24) July ~ 18 ~ ! – video dailymotion

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. And this drama is now turning into same old sisters rivalry! Zaib was one character that i loved so much, and seeing it butchered literally makes me go mad. The one time Zaib speaks severely to Natasha she immediately sees sense and puts her own selfish ideas to one side and acts respectfully.


Silvatein ~ Episodes 18-22 Review

Since when did the dramas become longer then 22 episodes. Maheen Rizvi is also good as Muneeze. I think it will mainly be about how Natasha learns her lesson. Bas ab it needs to end… Like Like.

Articles on this Page showing articles 1 to 25 of Much as I love the acting, direction and dialogue it seems that situation after situation occurs in which Natasha manages to do and say the most offensive things possible but again and again she is immediately forgiven and brought back into the family circle.

And, its not the just that, as I was catching up with the last few episodes back to back, I realized how bland Silvatein looked visually as well. Ghar ka issue kuch samajh nahi aaya and same with the whole peer ka issue.

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