I think this one sounds fantastic, except for the aspect Neb pointed out in bolds. Lemon of Troy 2. Homer at the Bat Two hands open a pop-up-book to reveal the family sitting on the couch. Archived from the original on Homer assumes it is him, although she is actually talking about her purse.

Homer and Marge run to the top of Springfield’s Notre Dame tower and Marge, saying she wants a trophy husband, deliberately pushes Homer off the tower. Talk Contributions Create account Log in. Meanwhile, Marge hides her eyes from Homer after Homer admits that he does not know what Marge’s eye color is. And “poor quality” is putting it politely. Next, Homer gets extreme plastic surgery done. You Only Move Twice 1. Homer assumes it is him, although she is actually talking about her purse. She did have the doctor reverse Homer’s stomach stapling, as she loves him no matter how he looks.

Archived from the original on May 5, The store begins attracting popularity, including that of alternative comic creators Art SpiegelmanDaniel Clowesand Alan Moorewho all visit for a book signing.

They are all “trophy” husbands and convince Homer that Marge will soon dump him for a healthier man. Posts Matt Selman, how could you!? As Homer is worrying about what to do, one of the husbands reveals that he’s actually a first husband. Top 20 Episodes I’m not going to go into huge detail on this, but I am one of the few people on this whole forum who dislikes that comic book store subplot and I agree with all of you about that Marge plot, which does sound awful.

Rollover episodes

Naturally Homer ignores all this as they require effort on his part in favor of stomach staples and plastic surgery. Homer just then wakes up and it turns epsiode that it was dream, after the doctor called Marge and she called all of the surgery off.

OMFG that was soooooooooooo much better than i expected thank god! The main plot actually did develop kinda well, with Homer, who is impressionable, getting the fear of Marge leaving put into him from the other guys, and overreacting The new comic book store owner sounds cool.


Husbands and Knives (JABF17) episode guide — Simpsons Crazy

Originally Posted by Dead Nigga Storage steve scrivlelaopfjiore, harleenquinn, spikeyhairedhooligan, and ppoi are actually all the same poster. I agree they haven’t used him very well sometimes but this actually sounds like a good plot for jaabf17.

After dropping Bart off at Coolsville, Marge compares herself to a cardboard standup of Wonder Woman, and is shocked to see how her physique compares unfavorably.

This is one of my most anticipated episodes of the season This is getting more useless sounding by the minute. Framegrabs [] Back habf17 Season list Season 19 Index: Archived from the original on October 12, The Marge one sounds terrible. List of The Simpsons episodes. A freak accident turns Homer into an opera singer which can only be achieved if he lies down and he becomes the toast of Springfield’s cultural elite—and the target of a crazed, motorcycle-riding female fan who blackmails him into becoming his manager.

Bart joins the 4-H Club and befriends a cow named Lou, but when Lou is set to be sent to slaughter, Bart gives Lou to a country girl named Mary—whom he now must marry after finding out that giving a cow to a country girl is considered a marriage proposal in hillbilly tradition. Al – is your eoisode on the rocks? Who else just laughed-out-loud at the “Here It Goes Again” music epiode reference?

All times are GMT I hope it turns out okay for you guys, though, and because Jack Black jqbf17 involved. I liked seeing the famous comicbook writers, back in the day when they were actually at work. It originally aired on November 18, I don’t like that they left the CBG plot unresolved By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Jabv17. SmithHomer lives a double life as a government assassin, but discovers that Marge is one too and must eliminate her after she botched his attempt at assassinating Kent Brockman.

After these ploys do not work, Comic Book Guy takes out a sword and demolishes Coolsville. I really epispde the last episode with Emohouse but Magnum put it best, the main plot had easilly enough substance to fill in the entire episode and actually it would have probably rolled out even better with the additional minutes.


After being embarrassed from showering in a stall that turns out to be visible from the street, Marge wishes to make a gym for ordinary women were they won’t be embarrassed in front of people.

Retrieved from ” https: While shopping at the The Android’s DungeonMilhouse accidentally sheds a tear on a Wolverine comic book and blurs Wolverine’s sideburns. I guess everyone has a blemish on their record The horrible surgery was just a dream I’ll have to watch smipsons again on fox.

Husbands and Knives

Hopefully, one of my favorite characters will finally get an episode that isn’t like “Worst Episode Ever”. I hope they don’t forget about Marges spa biz, might be a fun thing to look back in on occasionally. But what the hell happened with the CBG plot? Comic Book Guy’s jealousy begins getting to him, so he begins to sabotage Milo’s popularity by attempting to bribe the children with new ninja weapons, and outing that unlike normal comic collectors Milo has a girlfriend named Strawberry, who appears to be as cool as he.

I really like the sound of the main plot and I found the subplot tolerable until now, but if that part is true I don’t think it’s going to work at all. I don’t even care that they didn’t wrap up the comic book storyline, that was hilarious. This episode is turning out to be brilliant so far! This episode is reminding me alot of that Family Guy episode. I’m sure it’ll be a mess as usual.

As these begin to occur, Homer overhears Marge talking to a group of women about dumping something. He is now much slimmer and has to liquify his food. I have some low expectations, but I’m not judging it. Meanwhile, Marge hides her eyes from Homer after Homer admits that he does not know what Marge’s eye color is. Anyone know who wrote this? Season of television series.