Oh Live or Die. Sad to say, the writer made it this way. A tense, emotionally charged tale of brotherhood and betrayal, it follows two best friends with a tragic, twisted history that follows them from youth to adulthood. Only, she emerges from the tent with tears falling down her face. Newer Post Older Post Home. They have shown Jang Il’s remose, like when he cried when he saw soo mi’s painting..

Sure, he did have a dark side, but he was at heart just a boy who only wanted to move up from his poor lot in life. He flashes back to the scene of him hitting Sun-woo, only this time he tries to warn the young Sun-woo to dodge the blow. When love, hate, greed, power collide within one person? Jang-il seems to be alive, since he asks her about his well-being, though he gets no response. Ji-won is back to working at a library, and helps the first blind person she sees as an obvious stand-in for Sun-woo. Sunwoo could be an “equator man” because he is so passionate. Yes, there were issues in this finale.

But Jang-il begins to stagger toward the cliffside where he sees an image of Young Sun-woo standing there, smiling at him. Sun-woo seems to realize this and wants them to head back to Korea together, stat. But, now I remember. Here’s this particular uncooked movie examine pertaining to occurrence 9 associated along with KBS N’s Sunday adore humor Sunlight Anyways, if we’re going to discuss the meaning of the phrase “equator man,” I can only think of the two obvious ones.

I never got that sense from him, so it felt like we jumped from a Jang-il devoid of human compassion to a Jang-il suddenly so full of human compassion and remorse that it drove him mad. Jang-il has jumped into the ocean.

I may not watch this one again as I do with dramas that make it to my “favorites” list but I enjoyed his performance and Lee Jun Hyuk enough that I’ll be looking for other projects of theirs. I don’t know, There is something that really got me about Jang il’s remorse Episode 12 by LollyPip.


I may never forgive the ones that I hate, but I also okrea Jin’s end and didn’t feel it came out of nowhere. Stay with me forever. I so appreciate the time and effort you put in here.

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And ugh, even though Jang-il hasn’t exactly been shown regretting his choices, when he went insane and such, it broke my dramx. Those scenes with the young-old selves. Feast of the Gods eps 31 english Subtitle Availabl But, Sun Woo chased after him and put a stop to that plan. I’m just going to go with the writer wanted to redeem jangil by having him showing remorse for his wrong-doings,but other than that flaw I loved the ending.

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Korean Drama – Standby Episode 20 Synopsis Sumary ” Standby ” is a drama that revolves around the life and love of entertainment p Episodes by odilettante. Please enter your username or email episodf. She flashes back to all the memories they shared when he was blind, just as Sun-woo interrupts that he has something to tell her.

One the driven top student and the other a happy-go-lucky troublemaker, Jang-il Siwan and Sun-woo Lee Hyun-woo become unlikely buddies in high school, both poor but proud in their own ways. Since when did we become enemies? You’d think that after that experience, they’d be careful not to confuse draam again about the possible death of a character, but apparently not.

Just want epizode add, when Jang Il thinking about Soo MI after he jump, it’s not a flashback, rather than his imagination he explain he has imagination with Sun Woo as well Thank you for the recap! Sinospis passes, and Ji-won arrives at the Equator Airport. For me, the end was rather anticlimatic. His face tells a different story, as Ji-won notes.


The two remain cold and cordial to one another until Jin gets up to leave, at which point Sun-woo grasps his hand from across the table to keep him there. This was a great show to discuss.

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I will have to watch again now that my unease was unnecessary! So I guess the sinopssis could also be a symbol for the point of no return. I think he really was looking for the best excuses from all these people. Honestly speaking, I can only think of palm trees and sweaty days under the sun lol. The choices we make in life can have powerful repercussions, and the main characters in this show are the example of that. Thanks to you HeadsNo2. EQM you are finished too I felt sorry for Jang Il.

So Ji-won asks for some time and leaves him.

Your email address will not be published. Still so sleep deprived from reading all the recaps at once. Equator Man brought new depth and dimension to the idea of a tragic backstory, and functioned well sinnopsis a human drama where choice is all that stands between us and a padded cell.

Arhazivory May 28, at His adopted father was murdered, he was betrayed, and he lost his sight. Newer Post Older Post Home. Sun-woo tries to divert the equatog, but Jang-il is insistent. I felt sorry for Jang Il at that moment and it was just so sad seeing him regress that much.