KES knows how to do fan service so well. Again, please correct me otherwise. But Lee Dong Wook as the adult Yeo looks so daym awesome. Makoto bemoans how she keeps thinking about the kiss she witnessed between Yoko and Hyuga. Awww, he is so charming, his eyes and smile can kill me. Invite her for lunch. More of Sunny please!

Or deokhwa, all just stalling. It just confused me though because in this recap, he being referred to as an eunuch. The mood is awkward between Hyuga and Yoko in the elevator, and she speaks up first, dismissing what happened between them as just a kiss. I didn’t mean to confuse anyone. Seeing young love blossom between Yeo and Sun was endearing as well, and I loved how much of Sun we got to see. His ears perk up when she affirms that she did feel something when she put it on—that she was meant to meet him. Yamagami finds him and asks him what to do? There is more to cover between the main leads and we only have 6 more episodes.

Park Joong-won’s role as effective regent behind-the-scenes reminds me a lot of the eunuchs who wielded excessive power in the Ming dynasty. Shin was sad that he came too late to keep his promise to keep Yeo alive.

I didn’t mean to confuse anyone. Kiara January 1, at 8: The tunnel scene was the best. Yoko asks if he saw Makoto but Hyuga lies and says no. This PD love to linger on scenes. Hyuga tells the personal file project team that they are headed to the countryside to meet Aoyama and do beta testing on their interface with the folks who live there. It’s not far fetch if you think about it.

I hope it’s Shin. Episode 5 of Rich Man, Poor Woman was like a brief respite from all the action that was episode 4, and a much needed breather before the coming maelstrom that is episode 6 based on the previews. Aoyama walks back to the party and Makoto sees Hyuga hunched in his room sinoopsis, knocking his head against the table in frustration.


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Never knew grocery shopping could simopsis so cool. Growingbeautifully January 1, at 4: I do like how human, childish and petty these ‘god-like’ immortals are. I really love this couple. Reaper is completely out of it back at home, as Shin watches him absentmindedly shaking excessive amounts of pepper flakes on his salad.

Japanese drama only broadcast 1 ep per week and last for 1 quarter. I nearly died laughing!

Lord Cobol December 31, at Hyuga shows Makoto a pen designed by Aoyama and how amazing the design is, but she just munches her egg happily. Napkiin January 1, at 4: Other character have their own time of seriousness despite bickering but et feels just like playing alone without much worry cause she has everything.

Rich Man, Poor Woman Episode 5 Recap

This theory makes a lot of sense. He rages that this is his company! Also doesn’t every teen girl try to act cute in front of the guy she likes? ssinopsis

What could his overwhelming emotional response mean? Reaper sees right through the act, but he says nothing when he comes face-to-face with Sunny. Hyuga feels well rested and Makoto smiles and agrees, knowing that he slept on parus shoulder on the way back.

Miky January 1, at Interesting idea about why Kim Shin said he was late. To me both definitely look like HSJ!

She is almost daring him to live up to the person he thinks and says he is. Koala said Da Fuck?!

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In the first episode, when he talked to the priest-friend about the girl with the same name as his mom, he said he feels nervous around her, but not because of the name. Yoko says its no big deal, and asks why her reaction is so odd?


The situation was very different in China and Korea. I am now an avid reader and stalker of your blog because of RMPW. Listen, even this newbie dorama watcher here knows this is how the J love triagles go. When they waved “Happy New Year! Makoto sits down with Hyuga and tells her what Aoyama told her last night. The Lonely Shining Goblin Favorite. Then a new child Emperor would be appointed and the cycle would begin again. Though I think the goblin observation is the telling one, the king was a fool and a weak one at that.

Neither of them notices Eun-tak entering the house, as Reaper asks Shin to tell him about the days back when he was human.

There are hidden depths to his character — whether he’s connected to Granny Samshin, the goddess of birth and fate, or he turns out to be something more sinister, I don’t know.

We all know how Hyuga loves well-designed objects. Only this time he has a different partner that is Makato ….

Yes, he looks like he was doing the duties of an eunuch and a teacher when the king was a child. Wag-a-muffin January 2, at 7: Invite her for lunch.