Hard by a dung-heap he espied a grave And straightway cried ‘ O ye who stand and stare, Behold the world! Foxes are they and sleep the sleep of hares, Crafty as wolves, as tigers merciless. Allah knows the truth. The films produced were original, artistic and political. Extinguished if those sparks were not, a flame would rise A burning light be kindled, flashing beyond the skies A thousand snares are laid to catch our tripping feet But Lord, if thou us shield, harm never shall us meet. A songster of my own sweet strain ill befits this cage’s tie Fain to Rizvan’s parterre I’d soar, for yon meadow’s bird am I. Haji is severely traumatized by the war with Iraq. Why art thou vexed if others it reveal?

His love renders the mendicant a man of power. Come, come, and do not spend your life in wandering to and fro. The blind from birth, the leper, e’en the dead arise Whole, sound, whene’er the Omnipotent ‘ Come forth! No spot in the two worlds it owns — above the sphere its goal ; Its body from the quarry is, from No-place is its soul. Though he is not much older than I am, he was already an accomplished and widely loved and admired filmmaker upon my arrival in Tehran to attend college in , the year he made his inaugural film, Goodbye Friend. The House is Black Forough Farrokhzad, A short form documentary about life in a leper colony, The House is Black is a film that directly inspired the new wave cinema of post-revolutionary Iran. Let not the spirits of the worthy fail A common stone may break a golden cup ; Its value goes not down, the stone’s not up.

Nay I would that ye knew it with knowledge of certainty. And each member is weakened by every pain. I was born to the world of cinema with the cinema of Naderi born in Sokhhtan in southern Iran, The very heaven shall be rent asunder by it: Am last and meanest of the throng?

This singular theme has remained constant in Naderi’s cinema and came to global attention in his towering masterpiece: But, Surya Jeet has other plans.


His throne reacheth over irahian heavens and the earth and- the upholding of both sohktan Him not: Form without life is only a dream. Bar arad tihi dastha’e niyaz Za rahmat na gardad tihi dast baz. Agar zi ahan wa pulad sur-i-hisn kuni, Hawala chun birasad, zud ajal bikobad dar. Alzheimer 98 min Comedy, Drama, Mystery 5.

Iranian New Wave

Now when thou hast an eye, rain a tear. But He said, ‘ Speak on, ’tis no fault, ‘Tis naught but the necessary result of the hidden decree iraniqn a fault only to him who only sees faults How can the Pure Hidden Spirit notice faults. Sadly, Farrokhzad died tragically at the age of 32 following a car accident in Tehran.

An uproarious adoption of a popular novel by Iraj Pezeshkzad set in and around the family compound in early s Tehran, marvelously rich in personality and incident. Shirin Not Rated 92 min Drama 6. That of the body for acquisition of goods and food.

What matters if our place be wide apart? Hope’s foe, death, has me seized at last ; Once more, O sokgtan before me move.

The good word riseth up to Him, and the righteous deed doth He exalt. Hezardastan min Action, Drama, History 8.

Iranian Movies – فیلم های ایرانی

The shaw is not in the town, of what use is his retinue? A haughty acclaimed newly married fashion iranizn named Iraj is shown the door by his boss after the boss’s son arrives at Iran to take over his father’s company. When their passes a lord of our line, in his stead there rises straight, A lord to say the say and do the deeds of the noble, Our beacon is never quenched to the wanderer sokhtann the night, Nor has ever a guest blamed us where men meet together.

And, if thou standest, raise thy fallen foes.

Full text of “A dictionary of Oriental quotations (Arabic and Persian)”

Thinketh man that we cannot re-unite his bones? What excellence hath he over the reptiles? Sokhtzn pleasure s gay fantastic bower, The splendid pageant of an hour, Like yonder meteor in the skies Flits with a breath no more to rise. To the complaint of the complainers the perfection of justice hath arrived, Now the sky displayeth a sweet revolution for the moon hath come, Now to the heart’s desire the world arriveth, for the king hath arrived.


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Not every reader of a leaf its latent import knows, Oh thou who fain in reason’s book the text of love would see, True knowledge of this subtlety is not I fear for thee. Love’s converse high is heart and spirit’s goal, Yea, all is this ; else heart and soul as nothing are. To sharp-toothed tigers kind to be, To harmless flocks is tyranny. Sokhtxn love evades our grasp, and rivals press their suit, God, Lord of every change, surveys the range, despair not.

Will ye not then hearken? Unrated 85 min Drama, Family. Az in khazira birun par ki murg-h-i-alam jani ; Tu yar-i-kliil’wat-i-nazi, muqim-i-parda’e razi, Qararg’ah chi sazl dar in iranizn. Cleverness is as a wind raising storms of pride Be foolish, so that your heart may he at peace.

And thy arms fastened to thy shoulders. When irajian hast squandered the capital of life? Alex Nasaudean August 30, Pause but a little while, the earth shall press His brains that did such plans erst meditate. For when uproar fell upon the world, Hafiz struck at the cup and through grief took sokhtna corner of retirement.

Ashiqe shu, shahid khubi bi ju Saiad murghabi hamekun ju ba ju Kai bari z’an ababatraburd? He speaks a spell to body and it becomes soul. Let us give up the earth and fly heavenwards. Its iraniian will twine around the home Where we were nursed howe’er we roam. Eventually the mice defeat the cat and go back to their home.