You know what, why are we even talking about this? A nice, peaceful breakfast. I always work so hard Then he figured he must have learnt from France, or Greece, or some other perverted nation. School is important and I want to do well. I didn’t say to make the room into a sloppy mess! This is a job only you can do, Romano! Like I know, damn it!

Shirotani-san and Honorifics credit to: This is so much fun, damn it! D I read all the books last year for book reports and I loved it. There, that’s the guy! Are there any hints there? He was just never interested. No matter how flat or disfigured your face becomes, I’ll still love you!

Hey, want me to help? You like sunny weather too, Sweden? Here, drink some water.

Hurry up, jerk jerk! Come over here, Romano!

(Drama CD) Hetalia Drama CD Interval Volume 2 Boss Spain’s CD Translation Complete!

Would you like me to help you make breakfast? You should be thankful you’re even talking to me! My rumbling belly wants food in it! But, I had that taken away. I hope you like it!

dramaa I’m helping him make the churros. Maybe only other weirdos can talk with each other. I’m finished, you jerk! I’m pretty sure that won’t happen for a long time. Just a little longer Why are you here? Okay maybe not that but still… So after about an hour he had reached the endless mines of videos of him with almost every country.


(Drama CD) Hetalia Drama CD Interval Volume 2 Boss Spain’s CD Translation Complete!: hetalia

Yeah, I’m gonna go to bed in just a little bit. Nice to meet you. He was over the fact about the revolutionary war and accepted America’s independence, but seeing him as a small child again just moved him to tears.

Since draka got introduced to the series through the show, I guess you already know that this franchise is not like UtaPri, or some other fluffy otome games. Oh the embarrassment and hilarity that will ensue… Multiple pairings. As long as you’re careful and paying attention while cooking, there’s nothing to be afraid of! After that, take sppamano dough like this RoChu come with me? Thank you for waiting, it took me several days to get enough free time so I could reply to your ask!

I always carry some reserve churros with me so help yourself! There’s nothing wrong with taking a little nap when you’re tired! It’s not good to be picky, you know? His boss just merely nodded and left the room with a ‘right away, sir. E-even I don’t understand this guy! A nice, peaceful breakfast. Drrama lackey violently forces him to wake up.


Now you can reach the top of the desk! Haha, that looks like fun.

“Hetalia” Character CD Vol.4 | hetalia england | Pinterest | Hetalia england, Hetalia and England

This time around, I’ve decided to put all the translations into one mega size post! That’s so cool of you! Most recent Most popular Most recent. He didn’t even know if America even gotten the talk yet. It’s going to get cold, it’s going to get cold, damn it! Crama, nothing beats eating something delicious you made yourself, right? What do we do next? Haha, you’re so shy! The Nordics Have Their Own party.

So I might have gotten the mafia stuff wrong, correct me on that please D:.

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