Now Fate is intervening, murdering the descendants of those that should have died. Third Teenage Boy Jason Griffith You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Mar 5 , Jo and her crew is looking into a cluster of deaths in California, and the only common factor they’ve found between the victims is that their forebears all arrived in on the Titanic , a passenger steamship that none of them have heard of. Jan 5 ,

The radio operators on the Titanic were employed by his company and were vital in relief efforts. When time restarts, Dean’s flashlight dies, and he takes out his lighter. This post has been edited by MatchesMalone: Dean got new mark. That is, the going back in time was something that had always happened, and did not change events. Season 1 Episode What, no severed horse head?

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66 Nov 4 I’m interested to know more about this spin-off show they’re doing. Mar 7 And good news comes courtesy of executive producer Jeremy Carver, who hints to TVLine that “we might” see the “Battlestar Galactica” alum portray Gadreel at some point. Use the HTML below. Sometimes you just got to take a break from saving the world.

Show posts by this member only IPv6 Post The movie Titanic is also referenced in 4. Not sure what storyline else to explore there’s a rumours flying around that Lucifer probably going to be the “big bad” next season.


They all appear to be freak accidents and gold threads have been found at the scenes. Oct 7 Sam has Castiel convince Crowley to find the three ingredients for the spell necessary to cure Dean of the Mark. When Sam reads about a haunted house in Richardson, Texas, in a website, he convinces the reluctant Dean to drive to the place.

The episode was aired on the 99th anniversary of the date the Titanic sank. There is definitely a skeleton in this family’s closet.

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Nov 6 Show posts by this member only Post 3. Now we’ll move right along to the Elena Gilbert portion of this review As they pack up Dean’s Mustangthey’re worried about Bobby, but take comfort in knowing Ellen will be home soon. Apparently, they’re trying to counter the changes Balthazar’s actions bought about.

The theme of “Does Elena like being a vampire? No one would have blamed him.

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She seasln charges that Castiel ordered Balthazar to avert the Titanic disaster so that there would be 50, souls in existence that otherwise wouldn’t be, and intimates this is part of his war effort. Jan 17 They go after her, unaware that Cole tvshos7 still on Dean’s trail. But more into those designs which are not irritating to the eyes; bright colors and noticable boxes. Sammy wants to read the books.


I think they are. In this episode, Balthazar says that there are “No rules” anymore, hence his ability to alter events by taking action in the past.

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Guest actor for Ezekiel was pretty amazing. Bobby grudgingly accepts her care and Ellen teases that it’s why he married her. The dilemma for the Winchester brothers is that Ellen and Jo are alive and if Castiel restores the time line, Ellen and Jo will be gone.

Bloodlines failed to be picked up by The CW network. The sexual tension between Abaddon and Dean in Supernatural Season 9 Episode 2 was on fire “Are we gonna fight or make out? Synopsis from your link Jo leads a team of hunters. You can also watch all season epizode from her channel before she upload the new season 9 when it’s available next month http: