This time he’s the every-man with a rather unusual job. You will see the improvements day by day. In order to finish the job and get away from the place he has to overcome a funny curse. The team work to solve the two unsolved crimes in the village – arson attacks Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! This time he’s the every Und ewig singt das Blaukehlchen 48 min Comedy, Crime 9. Die Venus von Hengasch 48 min Comedy, Crime 8.

He’s kind and honest. How I Met Your Mother. I’m usually a bit put off by philosophy in the guise of comedy, or most movies for that matter e. He’s likable, kind of cute, and goodhearted. Die Harald Schmidt Show — Episode: Watch it if you can. Moorleiche 49 min Comedy, Crime 8. It is really fun to watch.

I’ll just endorse Laura’s excellent review above and keep this very short. Herr Loermann TV 29 min Comedy 8. Watch it if you can.

Schwarze Macht — Episode: Please show as many Crime Scene Cleaner episodes as possible! A city detective is ordered to move the country, where police work is somewhat more boring than she expected. Saftladen 48 min Comedy, Crime 8.

There he sometimes meets weird people and tries to solve difficult situations. Frites speciaal 49 min Comedy, Crime 8.

First of all, I must say I was rating this show one point below it’s actual quality because of the ridiculous hype and the massive disappointment that came with that. This is a shame because we Germans actually have some great comedians that prove that we actually can be very funny. Bjarne Madel and the guest actors in each episode deliver the rapid-fire lines with perfect throw-away fleischfresserr. The acting is dull, and overall there is just nothing really new or witty to it.


He finds out what makes some pieces of art worth more than others.

Der Tatortreiniger | Netflix

During the course of his job he meets, let us say, some extremely strange people As he cleans up, he is confronted with the psychological games initiated by the firm’s boss.

This time he’s the every When Sophie learns from the sudden death of Mr. Mikado 48 min Comedy, Crime 9. However it ain’t the cleaning that’s entertainingit’s the people with whom he gotta deal while cleaning up.

Mord mit Aussicht — Episode: Heiko Schotte Schotty works for a cleaning company, cleaning all kind of crime scenes. Bowling TV 27 min Comedy 8.

Their work on the German Office-Adaptation was remarkable as they did manage to bring a fresh momentum on the th remake of an original show. If this is the best and funniest thing German TV has produced in decades, as many people claim it to be, it’s just another sad proof that German TV and especially German comedy of nowadays absolutely sucks and is still light years away from the quality of US-American, British or Northern European TV.


There are tatorreiniger lot of in-jokes to be found here — for example, Schotty’s ringtone is the theme for Germany’s if not the planet’s longest running crime series “Tatort”.

I have only seen three episodes so far thank you MHz International Mystery channel, and also Comcast for carrying it!

Highest Rated Titles With Bjarne Mädel

Sonne, Mord und Sterne 48 min Comedy, Crime 9. Thank you MHz indeed. Anyhow, despite it’s premise one which we have actually seen in various movies since the 80s this show could have been awesome but failed due to the terrible scripts and the wooden, repetitive acting.

He’s likable, kind of cute, tatorfreiniger goodhearted.

What puzzles me, however, are the two scathing negatives tatortreinigrr German posters. While cleaning a crime scene in an art gallery, Schotty gets to know the world of art from a business perspective. If it wasn’t for the beard, you couldn’t tell the characters apart.

The writing, even as translated into English, is hysterically funny.

I’m usually a bit put off by philosophy in the guise of comedy, or most movies for that matter e. Die Venus von Hengasch 48 min Comedy, Crime 8.