Um, I’m also returning the kitten calendar. The Burns and the Bees 11 November As a whole, this part of the episode was funny and strong and gave the now familiar “suspected terrorist” plot a Simpsons twist. Add to my vocabulary Close. A Star Is Born 7. But those are fifteen month calendars.

This page was last edited on 17 February , at Retrieved from ” https: Not hard to figure out the target here. Safely and legally in order to make room for new buildings. Bart is writing on the blackboard “I will not take the blackboard home. After Bart interrupts an important message from Mapple founder Steve Mobbs, insulting “Mapple’s” user base, he runs into a Muslim boy from Jordan named Bashir and befriends him. Fox and Matt Groening are to be congratulated for tackling the disturbing phenomenon of Islamophobia. The Mapple employees advance on Bart, but he flees the Mapple store and gets away.

IGN praised the episode; as a whole, he called the episode funny and “gave the now familiar ‘suspected terrorist’ plot a Simpsons twist,” but called the remainder epiisode the Mapple storyline less impressive.

MyPods and Boomsticks

The organization said that “The episode sends a powerful message through humor about the danger of ignorance and prejudice rooted in false assumptions”. One of my favorites was when Lisa admitted she couldn’t afford a myPod and asked to purchase some ear buds just so she could look the part.

Steven Dean MooreMike B. Season 20, Episode 7 Mypods and Boomsticks. Marge observes, “They sure boosmticks the Christmas spirit the bum’s rush around here.


Toggle navigation The Simpsons. Nouns 1 coleslaw Coleslaw, tuna, all chowders and gumbos. When Homer offends them, he goes to their home to apologize but discovers what he believes to be a terrorist plot to blow up epsode Springfield Mall. Now I will destroy your decadent western society. Modified on November 26,at Steve Mobbs offers Lisa a job at Mapple to help with her bill.

Upon arriving, he noticed lights inside the garage and peeked in to see Bashir’s boomstickks handling boxes of dynamite. The first act primarily focused bpomsticks the Simpson clan’s experience at the mall’s new Mapple store.

It is revealed that Bashir’s father is actually a worker who gets paid for blowing up abandoned Springfield buildings by using mathematics to find if the explosion is safe and he is actually gonna blow up the old Springfield Mall.

MyPods and Boomsticks 30 Nov I got mayonnaise in the CD drive. Views Read Edit View history. The Curse of Oak Island 2. The “myPhonies,” of course, cost forty dollars.

The store was stark and the equipment very familiar looking. This page was last edited on 17 Februaryat Archived from mypodss original on Homer went to their for tea with Bashir’s and he looked at their computer and he found out that he is blowing up the Springfield Mall. Then he smells something good and goes to check it out: Wait, wait, wait, wait! Season 20 Episode mypkds. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Your insanely great leader, Steve Mobs.


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Retrieved boosticks August Homer tries to get rid of the dynamite by throwing it into the river, but it blows up a bridge which leads to the Duff Beer brewery. Homer rushes to the mall to warn the shoppers and sees Bart standing near a detonator with Bashir and his father; he attempts to save the day by throwing the dynamite in the river.

Start your free trial. Homer went back to Bashir’s house and he thought voomsticks is really a terrorist, but he wanted a good business.

Retrieved September 8, Mina voice Pamela Hayden You’re the reason I can’t carry toothpaste on an airplane! Edit Did You Know?

7 MyPods and Boomsticks

However, this was the first to have a plot involving Islam. He invites Bashir’s family over to dinner in an attempt to expose them, but openly discriminates. Bart stops them and tells them that they all have different boomssticks