Retrieved December 28, She had a great samurai moment of sitting and waiting for the Gov to return with a naked blade across her lap. Facebook Messenger Click the button below and wait for a message from our Facebook bot in Messenger! After smashing the aquariums, Michonne uses a glass shard to stab The Governor in the eye, but before she can kill him, Andrea arrives and stops Michonne; she turns and flees the building. The double-header as a whole? And neither are the others. The Walking Dead —.

Ultimately, Victor wound up wasting a whole lotta liquor setting the yacht on fire before taking back off on foot with all the firepower he could carry. Yes No Report this. Eventually, Ofelia got so hot and thirsty that not even a vision of her father could save her. So she was singularly lucky that, as she neared death, Walker came along and picked her up. Add the first question. Only she had a better idea: Proceed at your own risk.

Rick Grimes Sarah Wayne Callies Rick’s group prepares to fight their way out of Woodbury, using smoke bombs walkung cover their escape. The Walking Dead episodes.

Carl keeps the newcomers locked in a commons area for safekeeping; Tyreese understands and accepts. All episodes after are rated TV-MA. During the ensuing chaos, Nick spotted Ofelia running away — holy crap! Retrieved December 3, Philip ‘The Governor’ Blake.

THE WALKING DEAD Mid-Season Finale Recap: “Made to Suffer,” Plus a Sneak Peek of the Next Episode

Bring on season 3b. He then accuses Merle of betraying the people of Woodbury and has his men drag Daryl into the arena as proof of Merle’s complicity; the residents start chanting for their blood.


Meanwhile, a new group of ths encounter the prison. While hitting on Beth and asking how old she was like a chat-room pedophile, Carol pulled him away and chastised him. David Morrisey is suitably sinister and mysterious. So it looked like Maddie was going to have to shoot him herself. Make no mistake this is an impressive ensemble effort but its Madison you remember.

He did, after all, insist that they could trust Walker. And the stand-off between Andrea and Michonne?

Torn Apart Cold Storage.

Merle Dixon David Morrissey Retrieved from ” https: Absolutely nothing else in her life has and if she has to start a war to get that done, so be it. Actually really liked Season 2, where the weakest episode “Cherokee Rose” was very good still, but do share others’ feelings about many episodes being on the talky side and moments of slowness.

Daryl Dixon Steven Yeun Pplot a strong reminder of how Seasons of ‘The Walking Dead’ to me were absolutely brilliant and seeing the show in its full glory days Season 6 was uneven, Season 7 was a huge disappointment and am still debating whether to watch Season 8.

Later, Madison approached Walker with an offer: Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone pot tablet! Official iTunes Season 3. Back at the prison meanwhile, a new group arrives in need of help. Click here to subscribe.

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Forbes magazine’s Erik Kain said it was “a strong episode overall, even if the addition of new characters was a walkinv much to pack into the hour”. That being the case, Madison decided that she needed to go rescue Alicia. When shooting erupts, they are soon reunited but they will have to fight their way out.


Much respect for Tyreese. He also warned Nick not to put a whole lotta faith in Jeremiah — it was a surefire way to be disappointed. Best walking dead episodes. Laurie Holden does a good job and Andrea’s interesting development is appreciated, though at times she is written rather too naively my only small complaint of the episode but over-lookable with everything else being so exceptional.

Props to the writers for this episode because there are a lot of plot lines to handle, yet they do it exceedingly well. Made to Suffer 02 Dec Or to just kill the both fhe them outright.

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Their cries for help are heard by Carl Chandler Riggswho helps lead them to a safe area of the prison. Ultimately, Victor wound up wasting a whole lotta liquor setting the yacht on fire before taking back off on foot with all the firepower he could carry.

July 19, Alasdair Stuart. Andrea races to help bring The Governor to Dr.