One is Carlson and the other is Langella. Well, yeah, but you should have given this to the FBI bomb squad. Wait a second, why? Gina Carlson hired a hit man, but he hit the wrong twin by mistake, so he’s trying again. I’ll tell Agent Sparling. I don’t think so. You lied about knowing your brother, too, didn’t you? Oh, well We aim to please.

Carlson, where’s your husband? Point your little shrinky brain at her and pull the trigger. The amount of hair and the height at which the tissue was found indicate that it struck someone in the head before it hit the junction box. It’s intestines and stomach. Both men were there, but they must have arrived at different times and not seen each other. The stall amplified the blast.

All right, I’ll be right there. I don’t know, she thinks you’re an idiot? Sparling doesn’t seem to trust how I, as a psychologist, perform my job. Shaky and off-balance and he has a bomb? They need grills and a new tool set. They share the same interests. Temperance Brennan David Boreanaz So, I’ve gone over every bit of this reconstruction, and I’m positive that it’s correct. But, hey, I’ll tell you what, you can buy Christine stuff. Doesn’t take a psychologist to tell when a guy is taken.

I have to face an internal review for shooting a civilian. Let’s narrow this down. But I found hair embedded in the tissue from a male.


He’s not I’m gonna go in and call Carlson’s wife for questioning. No, I’m not looking. Well, I input the key data points that you gave me so I could cross-reference Carlson’s specific traits across multiple databases. What else did you notice about him? I’ve got to think of other, you know, important things. You can take this one. You been to Blockbuster, right? Aren’t you forgetting something?

Both men are browbeaten by their wives, one of which wanted her husband dead. Your husband, Jerry Langella is dead. The bomb that killed our victim used approximately 40 ounces.

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Probably with the lateral aspect of the super orbital margin and the zygomatic arch. What was gonna happen to me? Sparling and I could get there in five. You’re in a dangerous situation.

I mean, I know it’s a white lie, but, I mean, look at you. I need to ask, how do you know that your husband was murdered? Oh, I’m just waiting for a hit from the adoption agency. You said there was a casualty; who was it?

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Uh, do you want me to pick up something like coffee or? What in the hell is the matter with you people? We’re gonna be able to tie you to this murder. You, are you an agent? Point your little shrinky brain at her and pull the trigger. Oh, you were never able to do this look before the baby. Well, he had to ffee sustained further injuries from this blast.


Oh, no, I was just thinking maybe it be a good idea to keep him from lawyering up, but we’re past that now, so let’s just If Frew get this promotion, I wouldn’t be in the field as much, but, hey, that could be a good thing, you know. Nah, I’ve loved combustion variables ever since I blew up the multipurpose room for my middle school science fair project.

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And the highest cost per conviction. Yeah, it’s cool, huh? I’m gonna go talk to his wife. We’re taking you into custody.

As adults, they watvh to be remarkably similar. Here, I’ll show you one. It must be an environmental marker. I didn’t want you to get the promotion. The body parts are spread over most of the third floor. Lone victim could mean a targeted hit. Yeah, he usually hangs up without saying good-bye.

We have many important guests. Carlson at the hotel? That’s why the garage explosion was so perfect. Just a couple more little ones. Look, I think I spotted our guy.