The Matrix, all three films. Definitely my favorite 4-season chick flick. What about The Lathe of Heaven? They mutilate their victims – harvest organs. I use the free software designed for easy YouTube downloads by Aimersoft http: Here’s an interesting little low budget sci-fi movie that some might enjoy.

I am watching it as I type, it is great so far. Found this today so I am sharing here: A big hi-ho to Alien Ramone and others for adding so many great movies. A few more http: Known only by his initials, P. What is not accomplished through arranged marriages is made up for through technological means, the most prominent of which are only showing mind numbing shows on TV, and a headband device worn by all citizens which modulates intelligence, dialing up or down a person’s IQ in order to arrive at a ‘perfect’ In the movie I think it would have been better if the writers came up with a different kind of proof of Collin being from a parallel universe than through the lack of a scar, since it makes more sense to me for the consciousnesses to have been transferred than the entire bodies.

I was also young when I first watched that, I found it completely fascinating. I don’t really recall Willow, but I do recall the “feelings” and associations I got from it.

I fell in love with Philbert. Wow, I never knew about any of the recent postings and look forward to hunting them up. Jackie notices that everyone who goes into the town’s lake come out different. I remember more movies to oonly Nothing annoys me more than when one of my favorite books is made into a bad movie!

These story forms are distinctly different from one another, but they all meet in one big fantasy extravaganza called “The 10th Kingdom” He begins to feel faint and ends up unconscious. Most movies that try to crowd so much into an hour and a half end up looking like a shopping list, but “Dreamscape” works, maybe because it has a sense of humor I torrented it from PirateBay.


I think it can be true when art is viewed as a way to trigger unconscious information. Special effects and creature elements were handled by Tsuburaya Productions, most famous for the Qatch franchise. I just watched “Green Beautiful”.

Both have Penelope Cruz. Chick Flick is not the best wording Then there’s Pan’s Labyrinth not Jim Henson but awesome.

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Delight, I thought you may enjoy this one, “Immortal”. One of my all time favorites is of course “Serenity” These are more abstract than satch I guess It’s a tv series but I loved it! Tenzin sets off on this unforgettable quest on foot, mule and even helicopter, through breathtaking landscapes and remote traditional Tibetan villages. This is a function of “true” fantasy IMO and the reason the Tales tell a universal story. Along the way, Tenzin listens to lvoers about young children with special characteristics, and performs rarely seen ritualistic tests designed to determine the likelihood of reincarnation.

Gwendolyn Shepherd is actually a very normal year-old teen. Young-goon, the protagonist featured in acclaimed director Park Chan-wook’s latest film, I’m a Cyborg But That’s OK, is sent to a mental hospital after she tries to wire herself into a machine she’s building at a radio factory. He suspects the victim has been killed for violating a tribal taboo, but the defendants deny any tribal association. I recently saw “Only Lovers Left Alive ” Alien Ramone, Thanks for your contributions here Two good movies about love, life and death.

The music stayed with me Not sure if it fits, but the other one I watched a lot of around when that came out was “Waking Life”. IaoYTgbUmdc found on http: The show is notable for its wry humor, its muted sepia colour scheme, and the appearance of a chorus of dishwashers with Down Syndrome who discuss in intimate detail letf strange occurrences in the hospital.

The Fountain dAuxryJ6pv8 I’ll second this Riget is an eight-episode Danish television mini-series, created by Lars von Trier inand co-directed by Lars von Trier and Morten Arnfred.


There are a few detailed reviews and analysis spoilers https: Would you tell her she was going to die in another two years and three months? Eerie, erotic and gorgeous, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night was the first of two films in to prove that even the hoary old vampire genre could get a fresh new approach — and from Iran of all places. Here are some B movie youtube offerings I found “The Speed of Thought ” The film has some similarities to “Inception ” and “Limitless “.

It’s fiction, but I feel like it’s a brilliant demonstration of how we interface with “reality”. I liked it but I imagine the book was better But, rest assured, those who go with the flow will be amply rewarded in the end.

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You know, everybody they ever know or ever will know is already around them. I love Spirited Away. Metropia, definitely on the “strange” end of things. Cried through the last two episodes, just watching everything falling into place I just discovered “The Lost Room”.

I cheated and read a review. I highly recommend it. It was supposedly set in Thanks so very much!! This is a movie about ideas, a drama based on the ancient war between science and superstition. Her only clue is her husband’s ghost–who she follows onto a battlefield she never knew existed. It turns out that Ray Harryhausen was the special effects creator for many of the scary movies I still respect. Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “The Little Mermaid” in which a young and overeager goldfish named Ponyo seeks to become human.