It all felt so wrong. Homer, taking pity on Marge, decides to take up work at his father’s popular laser tag warehouse in order to pay for it, where he is abused by the children. An angry Marge and Homer soon call their relationship quits, and Marge leaves to go with August, leaving Homer devastated. After viewing him throw his bass at a fan at his concert, she decides to go after him. The Simpsons does have a knack for mocking the ’90s. To a degree, it’s understandable. Use the HTML below.

Marge Simpson voice Nancy Cartwright Views Read Edit View history. After Shady is trampled by a mob of children, Vamp comforts him, and he asks her out for dinner. Plus this episode just makes everyone feel too damn old. Instead of a barbershop quartet, Homer was singing “inoffensive urban-like hip-hop smooth grooves. Trapped, Homer decides to pass time by telling Marge the story of Bonnie and Clyde.

So maybe — maybe — they could have gotten away with a big change like this if, you know, the episode had been a memorable laugh riot. Wikisimpsons has a Discord server!

That ’90s Show

When running onto xadgasm beach, August shocks Marge by revealing that he opposes marriage, calling it oppressive, angering Marge who would like to get married someday.

A special news report with Kurt Loder interrupts, revealing Sadgasm have broken up and Homer is holed up in his mansion, miserable and with an alleged narcotics addiction. The citizen they tricked soon realizes what had happened, and snitches to the police after learning they are an unmarried couple.

As shown in a montage, the two begin having their lives spiraled out of control while gaining a chocolate addiction. He said, “What ‘That ’90s Sadgams did was neither cool nor interesting.

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I’ll take the Enron stock, you take the Microsoft stock. Whilst he recovers in hospital, Marge apologizes to Homer for her actions and he forgives her. Enjoy a night in with these popular sadfasm available to stream now with Prime Video. Top Moments From the Oscars. While being shot, Bonnie tells Clyde that she is looking for a man with more excitement, and that they would never have been together.


After Bart and Lisa discover Marge’s degree from Springfield University, Homer and Marge recount one of the darkest points of their relationship, in which Marge has an affair with her revisionist history professor and a dejected, self-destructive Homer achieves brief fame as the frontman of a grunge band. The group broke up sometime later because, according to Kurt Loder, Homer holed himself up at his mansion when rumours swirled about an out of control narcotics addiction, which turned out to be insulin because he became diabetic from drinking too many frappuccinos.

The Simpsons have officially jumped the shark with this episode. The episode title is a reference to another popular, but live-action, FOX sitcom That ’70s Show and its failed spin-off That ’80s Show. It first aired on the Fox network in the United States on January 27, No longer does Homer get Marge knocked up after high school, forcing him to find work at the nuclear power plant. It turns out the needles were insulin for his diabetes after Homer drank too many frappucinos.

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Instead, it insulted lifelong Simpsons fans everywhere. Was this review helpful to you? Sadagasm Band Information Genre: Inside, the two enjoy each other’s company; however, Bart attempts to spoil his parents’ happiness by filling sagasm water with Jell-O, causing Homer and Marge’s boat to stop. Induring the Great Depression, Bonnie Parker Marge rejects a man trying to get her attention Cletussaying she is looking for someone exciting.

Himself voice ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic But to any diehard fan of The Simpsons, “That ’90s Show” was an abomination. Watdh there some funny moments?

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If the writers had to take us back to the ’90s, why not do it in a way where the ’80s flashbacks could still watvh. Lisa does some calculations and realizes that, because Bart is 10, and Homer and Marge are in their mid-to-late thirties, Bart must have been born later in their parents’ relationship than they thought. I mean, I can’t ignore what I know. Talk Contributions Create account Log in.

August begins manipulating Marge eadgasm telling her Homer is a simple “townie” who would not appreciate her intellect. It’s bizarre beyond sargasm to see Homer and Marge being “grunge kids”, when the heyday of The Simpsons was IN the s, where Bart and Lisa grew up in that youth culture.

Archived from the original on I don’t care if real 37 year olds were kids back in the 90s. To a degree, it’s understandable. But Sunday’s episode might be the most convincing evidence that the program has overstayed its welcome. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. This page was last edited on 23 Februaryat Marge soon begins simpsns admire August, and realizes she has feelings for him.

But, no, for whatever reason, they had to make this trip to the past another story about Homer and Marge breaking up and getting back together… pre-family. In the flashback, Homer and Marge are happily dating, living together in an apartment. I can’t pretend that everything I’ve watched happen to Homer, Marge, Bart simpsobs everybody else living, working and dying in Springfield, USA is just one big, fat lie.