In fact, it is about the cult of son, or its cyclic trajectory and the cult of Great Mother Magna Mater. The Rekan Albanian who more than anybody else felt the load of the oppression and slavery, was forced to carry out a different activity as a representative of the patriotic association in Sofia by publishing a magazine which enlivened the national awareness of all Albanian patriots about the independence of Albania. The Rekans dealt with farming and other crafts but they also worked abroad. It is presented in the birth-giving position with wide-open legs and is identified with the goddess from whom all agricultural products derive. Albanian Reka, religious culture, Islam, identity, prevailing nation, national conversion. Most of them had a mixed population, i. Halil Latifi — the Rekan, patriotism, believer, demonstrations, witness, martyr. This paper will bring some data about the administrative territorial division of the region as well as the census carried out by the Serb, Bulgarian and later the Austro-Hungarian reigns.

Sinadinoski, and many others, who never got rid of their national identity, have today raised their voice against the great historic invasion and transgression against this community. Leaders of Bulgarian revolutionary organizations had also considered the expansion of the Albanian Liberation Movement and kept in touch with Albanian leaders during the first two decades of the 20th century. The paper in question aims at dealing with these two cults by utilizing certain data, mainly of a mythological character. This all made the following generations lose every trace of their original background and declare themselves as members of another community, i. Merki, antropomorfnost i modularni proporcii kaj starata makedonska kukja. In this region of Gostivar highlands, placed in the Korab massif, at the triple border among Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia, traversed by many water flows pouring in the River Radika ancient name — Ardica after which this region was named and the name Reka Slavic:

The clothes of Reka that are characterized in the first place with their genuineness, as heritage from the past, with a very rare variety that can hardly ever be seen in other Albanian ethnographic regions, as part of the poetics of the popular verse, has authentic ethnic and artistic values.

Bageri is an author of several literary works that served as basic texts for the Albanian schools of the time and as such they influenced the prominence of the Albanian national awareness both inside and outside the country. It is presented in the birth-giving position with wide-open legs and is identified with the goddess from whom all agricultural products derive.


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Since the Ottoman conquest until today, none has ever invested in these lands not even a invador invested in the economy or in other social spheres. The idea that the Upper Reka inhabitants of the Christian faith were in fact Macedonians that accepted the Albanian language during the era of Islamization is fake and incorrect.

He ensured a distinctive place in the Albanian literature with his works. Cries have now become extinct both in the Islamic and Christian Albanian Population, except in some areas such as Zajaz and in the Debar surroundings, i.

This paper aims at confirming that Islam has been a very relevant factor of maintaining the national identity of Macedonian Albanians and those of Reka, in drrama, by drawing a line between Slavic challengers and Albanian Muslims and advancing the process of living with a different spiritual religious and linguistic culture.

Ajo e ndjek njeriun hap pas hapi: The European integration initiative for a more aha cooperation among the neighboring countries of Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania will surely have a positive impact for the development of erama Western Macedonian region, including that of Upper Reka.

Balkan wars are turning since the dimidiation of Albanian geography. In the formulation of these architectural concepts many factors have exercised their influence: Showing photos of “Asian Sha Theatre – Chintal”. III, Shkup,f.

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Therefore, the presence of these symbols in Vrama gravestones shows that we have to deal with a continuation of the close relationship with the after death cult since ancient times, serving as an argument in favor of the thesis drana the spiritual continuation between the Illyrians and the Albanians. Rasprava o istoriji religija.

In fact, it is about the cult of son, or its cyclic trajectory and the cult of Great Mother Magna Mater.

In the paper, we will also provide suggestions for a new chance of the economic revitalization and zeja of these areas. We should also mention the reports written by teachers, sa inspectors, priests, etc. The money they earned was invested in their homeland, building thus big and beautiful houses with magnificent yards. After World War II, the emergence of new national identities occurred, whereupon new orthodox churches appeared, such as the Macedonian Orthodox Church.


Domaca Muzika · Zejna Murkic

Most probably they have to deal with the three most important positions of the sun, such as sunrise, midday and sunset. Memushaj, Zeina e eptimit, vep. Pra, feja, ashtu sikur muzika, filozofia, arti etj. We cannot nowadays see people from the political, economic, educational, scientific and cultural life declaring themselves as Albanians; on the contrary, they appear as representatives of the Macedonian entity. We serve personalized stories based on the selected city. The information on Albanians for this period has been gathered from different resources: Drama vo sestdeistvija, iz albanskija zivot.

In this paper we will talk about Upper Reka, with special emphasis on the Orthodox Albanian population, about the policies sga different invaders Serbs, Bulgarians, Yugoslavs and Macedoniansabout the relations and collaboration between Orthodox and Muslim Albanians of that region, etc. This paper will analyze the economic potential that this region has to offer in order to revitalize itself, and this is very important if we do not want to send it to history.

Upper reka, massive murders, denationalization, archival documents. Brodeci Vau This headstone was found at the Orthodox cemetery in Tetovo, and the script on it is devoted to an Albanian dramw Reka, namely from the village of Duf, buried in Tetovo.

Grupet konsonantike pl, bl, fl. Bibliografia – Anderson, D.

After years of 90’s of the previous century, with the possibility of the establishment of private enterprises, some residents of Upper Reka established private enterprises. Sadik Eha Upper Reka, economic development, natural resources, forests, pastures, rivers. Studiuesi serb Jovan Haxhivasiljeviq, midis tjerash shkruan: