Gradient Effects Manish Singh New Mexico Chris Bustard Shall we not establish a new order, take steps to bring relief and nourishment to our villages? Rodeo FX Jay Lalime Los Angeles Andrew Jason Clark This explains his life-long efforts to steer those twin arts along these lines, and his constant encouragement to those with a similar aim. What memories are bound up who that terrace! Their effect on those who had respect for Tagore and for tradition, may well be imagined.

Rodeo FX Max Ehrlich Montambeault Thomas Montminy Brodeur His feet unfettered trod his own world of dreams. He could endure the shame of it no longer Weak as he was he summoned his carnage and w ithout telling anyone his destina non drove to the house of C R Das Is it not intolerable he asked the famous lawyer politician for our whole country to sit silent at such a crisis? I do honour thee By thy guiding light I stray not, on my life’s tempestuous sea 10 Studying and Writing Poetry Tagore was now in his fifteenth year, devoting his time to music, writing and studying Sanskrit poetry Kalidas and Shakespeare had become his bosom friends Kalidas in particular being a part of himself He read Meghaduta, Kumarasambhava and Shakuntala times without number He was so much enamoured of Kahdas and his times that again and again he would wander in fancy through that period he would meet Kalidas and jom the cirde of poets beneath the champak tree at Ujjain, and cry to them “Are you pleased to know me? In and Tagore, wearied of the hurly-burly and crowded life of Calcutta, stayed by himself for months together, composing poetry, at Sholapur, Nasik, Gazipur, Darjeeling, Shileida, and other places. The progress I had made in Bengali stood me in good stead. Los Angeles Chee Ho

Rodeo FX Scott Gaynos Los Angeles Kevin Twomey It employs a mixture of gestures and steps as well rilm a mixture of tunes. Their whole approach is imbued with feeling and rhythm and music.

Jyotinndranath studied music with fervour, spending lus whole waking life in scoring Bengali songs During a sojourn in Bombay, he had studied the playtng of some special pieces under a Mohammedan sitar player He could play the sitar and the organ with equal proficiency Besides his five brothers Tagores eldest sisters husband Sharda Prasanna Bandyo padhyaya stteaming a first-class sitanst a pupil of the renowned maestro Jwalaprasad In Sharda Prasanna s house, there were frequent musical soirees, and he himself could sing Dhrupad beautifully Tagore s father Devendranath had no singing voice however, he was extremely fond of music, and provided musical training for all his family arranging for their instruction by such front rank exponents as Vishnu Chakravarci Radhika Goswami.

Could it be with the object of demonstrating to the Italian people that foreign opinion as exemplified by a man like Tagore was favourable to their government? Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan was then Vice-Chancellor. Ins hopes of obtaining additional help were disappointed On one occasion he met the Maharaja on a tnp to Europe, and tackled him on this matter But the wealthy ruler evaded the issue and changed the subject Apart from the disappointment, which he never forgot, Tagores sensitive spint could not but rebel against the streaimng which forced him to go begging at the palace door Saniimketan Tagore held a little welcome function, at which he read the following poem; lYom the shrine of the West you have brought us living hamalw We welcome you, friend.


Los Angeles Kenneth Coblentz Get thee back to the starving Land That craves thy bounty with outstretched hand! New Mexico Jason Waggenspack New Mexico Codie Scott He aimed at naturalness, and although dance forms such an important feature of ballet, he relied for effect less on dance than on plot. Los Angeles David Leitch New Mexico Gary Kelso Healer Skye Yohance Myles Oh yes, you go begging with a fine turban on your head— but what about the loin-cloth round your waist?

Upstairs, downstairs — each worse than the other. To be rewarded is good, but only so long as the reward does not exceed our deserts or our capacity to fulfil expectations Honour and Tame inflate the tgo, until we begin to credit oursclscs with far more talent than streamint possess Manu the Law-giser has said. They shall not pu l me comppet, but shall remain with me for ever. New Mexico Adam Hull Up to now the school was run onl for Bengali students Outsiders could streamlng no advantage of a place where the sole medium of instruction was Bengali Tagore regretted this lack of arrangements for non Bengalis but could sec no remedy But M this very year when he went to Calcutta for the Congress session he received a visit from some Gujarati mer chants of Calcutta and Jhena who warned to know whether their sons could be taught at Santitulctan They guaranteed all fees and expenses and Tagore signified his assent.

People had come from various places for the annual Com- memoration. Rice Gorton Pictures Kelsey Vachon At a lively send-off, Chinese, Japanese and Indians all alike wished him Cod speed with respect and affection, and he was able to leave streamnig him a China knit once again in amity to India Tagore’s next call was Japan.

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New Mexico Jessie Kosinski Pearson having stayed behind in Japan 4. New Mexico Sean Cussen Soul uncredited Robert Douthat Film Production Capital Jose Gallardo Rodeo FX John Coats He appreciated and prized Tagores short stories above his poems and was intensely eager to see the former made known to the world While m England he had personally translated some of these stones, and set about having them published in English periodicals On November 2nd,he had written to Tagore, “Why do you hide yourself m the jungle?


When Uday Shankar and his troupe co,plet him at the Compldt Year Festival inhe admired the famous dancer for his endeavours to popularise the dancing art in India. With his mind awakening to all these truths, Tagore saw that the wayward, random- flowing current of his life must be channelled to a planned course. Would I like it indeed!

First Meeting with Gandhiji On the conclusion of his nonviolent struggle in South Africa, Gandhiji decided to return to India for good Accordingly he closed down his Phoenix. The doors of Visva-Bharati shall he open to all. Civil Liberties Union and the Parliament of Religions Tacore had escaped to Suruf in order to avoid visitors, but there was at least one whom he could not turn away Just at this time Jawaharlal Nehru was in Calcutta Some months previously, he had founded the Cm!

The seepnd road will lead to certain ruin. Oblation ushered in this new attitude to life — an attitude which we find guiding him through his wirings, his music, his crafts, Iris teaching, his reli- gious strdaming, his social and national service, and all the other varied fields of his activity.

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New Mexico as Lori R. The net result was that his body refused to co-operate any longer, and his journey to England was compulsorily postponed.

New Mexico Chance Robertson Canada and Japan In February Tagore received an invitation to attend the triennial conference of the National Council of Education of Canada To this conference Canada invites prominent eduen tiomsts from all over the world The Councils ideals are broad and progressive it believes that whatever one country has attempted or achieved in the sphere of education should be shared with other countries, and seeks to maintain contact with foreign lands m order that knowledge may be pooled to mutual 50!

I seek, and find him not Not until we get a clear vision of both the poets outer and inner selves, can we paint his true likeness through the medium of the written word Tagore was wont to say. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. New Mexico Michael Connor