However, Sindoora takes the phone and asks Kaushalya to take Vidya away if she is so worried because Vidya is not needed there! On the other hand, Sindoora promises her father to take Vidya out of Sagars and her familys life soon. Later, Mahua praises Sindoora for having Sagar wrapped around her finger. Meanwhile, the rituals are completed, and the priest suggests that Vidya give away the money to them. Hema insists that Sagar and Vidya first come to her maternal house after the wedding. He asks her to promise him that she will not let his family disintegrate and never leave Sagar.

Raghav and Uma come to Harishs house and inform Kaushalya that they want Vidyas hand in marriage for their son Sagar. She pleads with them to return. By Ankita Arora views. Also, Visit – https: She tells Vidya that life is about being together through thick and thin with your life partner. Everyone is taken aback. Jaya Bhattacharya as Gayatri – Sagar’s aunt, who goes into a coma after a car accident plotted by Sindoora.

Sinha says that nobody can remove her out of the house now. Raghav has a heart attack.

Raghav tries to explain banoi Vidya walks away. He cant believe that everyone, including Vidya, has agreed for Vidyas and his marriage. On the other hand, Sindoora tells her sisters that they have 3 hours to reach Benares. One of the women then taunts Vidya that having a village girl as a daughter-in-law gets you a good cook as well as good maid!

Mohit Malik as Bharat Singh, who is commonly called Mr. Vidya stays back with Raghav although it is very late at night. By Beauty with Sumu views. Uma, Cheenu and Sagar are happy.


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The family was glad to have Sagar back to normal especially Vidya who arrives to accepted defeat, so he lets her stay at home. However, they are disappointed seeing Shalu with her loud make-up.

Raghav tells Vidya that their match was the decision of God.

However, Vidya replies that they will select a girl from a rich family, not her. Uma denies it but Sindoora tells everyone that she had trapped her father for wealth and then killed him! Just then, Sagar and Vidya arrive and Uma gives Vidya a warm traditional welcome, while Sindoora and her sisters watch her in contempt. She tells him that unlike his mother, she wanted him to recover soon! Sindoora is enraged and goes to slap Sagar for getting Vidya a gift but Vidya comes in the way and gets slapped instead.

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Hemas daughter, Shalu, too leaves no stone bano to humiliate Vidya and dumps all the household chores on her.

An impressed Raghav tells Vidya that she is his daughter from now on. Meanwhile, Kaushalya refuses to let her daughter go to a house where her sisters-in-law are so wicked. Meanwhile, Sindoora reaches her home in Benares and tells a dylhann Uma that Vidya did not want to spend her life with a madman, so she didnt come. He asks her to promise him that she will not let his family disintegrate and never leave Sagar.


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Sindoora retorts that she does not want to welcome any stranger! However, he regains consciousness soon and has the tablet. Vidya tells Lord Shiva that there must be a reason behind her coming to this room and says that she is not afraid of facing any storm now because He is with her.

Kaushalya asks Vidya later why there were so many differences between the members of Raghavs family. Even Mahua is surprised. Just then, Harsh arrives there and says that Vidya had come to meet him. Malhotra also played Amar Singh, the reincarnation of Sagar, who was married to Divya. Sinha that Sagar will not light his fathers funeral pyre because he is afraid of fire, so Dr.

Vidya goes up to Sagar and promises him that never to leave him alone again. By Pragya TV views. Because of the dulhamn, the money inside the suitcase gets flung under the cupboard.

Dilhann informs Vidya that Kaushalya had transferred the house in her name.

She drags Vidya and locks her in a room. She is shocked to see that he has passed out.