LaPorscha Rodgers – Why do you believe in their ambiguous interview? He was, however, still flawed in the way of his grudge against ORB and the Athhas. Athrun choose cagalli not only over to meyrin but also to his country. Cagalli was just by your bedside and kept crying. Based on his previous twitter blogs in , he will have more details for characters if there’s a sequel or partial details if there’s a movie. Nurul Hidayah 20 December at

MapleRose Retired Moderator likes rainbows: Phase 24 of Gundam Seed. In both gundam seed and gundam destiny she can sacrifice her own happiness to protect not only those people she loves but all innocent people Anonymous 26 March at Quite a story in this series that is the source, not the opinions of others. So I do appreciate the timing of this comment. Thank yoooou so much i was rewatching the gundam seed series i’m still sad about asucaga i wish they had more closure but reading your blog made me feel better:

I enjoyed your article. I really liked how you explain according to your point of view every significant events between Athrun and Cagalli in GSD, added some other vital information that could help for more understanding for your readers.

The Shipper’s Manifesto

So let me put it this way: Still, Fukuda didn’t seem mind and left his twitter open for comments. After i read your post about fukuda tweets last I agree on your statement.


The solution of this war is atheun love of Natural and Coordinator, and the proof of their love is the offspring of them, that’s why this series is named SEED. Too bad they never reconciled – they’d be fun friends to be around with their impulsive ways. Yes, they definitely reached their reconciliation and Athrun did choose Orb as his home base. Actually, the director clearly said they didn’t break epissode on twitter. In the end, I felt sorry for Meer, she was chasing her dreams and she episoe nothing more than to help ease the conflict of war, but she was confused about the true motives of Durandal and ended up killed.

Athrun, “Although I really want to die.

Anonymous 26 March at Athrun means dawn, gundam from Uzumi to Cagalli named Akatsuki which means dawn. As a fan, it’s just really hard to describe all the reasons why I love this couple.

The clip was ended with Fukuda’s signature. She’s the leader of orb and doesn’t have time for a anc. Being a Japanese doesn’t mean you don’t pry. Your still my princess.

Well, this is it, again thank you and nice meeting all of you even just here. Log in No account?

Why did she stop wearing the ring?: asucaga

I’m happy to hear this article had that affect on you: In other words, face their troubles to move forward in their shared goal csgalli peace. First, she wants athrun to make decissions about the war by himself not attaching with her. Ads by Project Wonderful! Though I am guilty of finding her to be a interference to Asucaga when I was younger, I myself atyrun grown to see the qualities of her character. Both armies agreed to cease fire Soon, they shot a flare.


Athrun thought, “Cagalli, she was safe too. Honestly, it felt like a bit of a cop-out.

I love the scene in episode Although not exactly what you’d call romantic, those two episodes developed both of them as characters in one way or another. HalcyonFields 15 October at It’s pity I seems I don’t die. In both gundam seed and gundam destiny she can sacrifice her own happiness to protect not only caaglli people she loves but all innocent people She looks awesome and interesting ahhrun why she gots high impacts of fan.

Hi, I’d like to share my thought, or my theory, about the reason why Athrun doesn’t flatly deny having a relationship with Meyrin even though he obviously doesn’t Meyrin denies it herself.