Acooltent manages yet another “barely survived for a win” moment against a Machoke’s Revenge. Both Cleffa and Golbat evolve in the same episode. Something even crazier is his rewatching of every cutscene beforehand to determine which weather was best for each, and he did that to preserve the best atmosphere portrayed by the story and setting. Acooltent taking a level in badass after learning Bubble Beam. Especially his very convincing voice acting for Porky. That is a ridiculously awesome amount of determination. He didn’t need to; he got it on his first attempt!

Emile had been having issues with his capture card, so he wasn’t able to record episodes as soon as he wanted to. And then he manages to dole out an epic Take That! Phanpy almost managed to beat Morty’s Gengar via Rollout combo. Assuming that it is a shape of a perfect sphere in which its diameter times its height, one can easily calculate its density is Chugga encountered a Shadow Delibird and had problems catching it after having little trouble with snagging legendaries from bosses. I’ve gotten Groudon at like full health in a Nest Ball!

The crowner, however, happens to be against Slaking; both Acooltent and Altair managed to pull their own, the former making it hit itself after fainting, and the latter hanging on to finish it thanks to Steel Wing boosting his already somewhat beefy defense.

In Episode 7, Chugga finally enters a battle tournament. Not exactly one for Chugga, but still significantly awesome.

Chugga’s skill in the first level. Had he made the last shot, he would have beaten the boss within seconds of a game over. She then manages to take down Sabrina’s Kadabra and Mr. Within five encounters, he ran into it; this is the first awesome moment. Gadd’s calls are interrupted due to poor reception, Chugga wishes he could read it in the way it’s displayed, saying that it’d have to be edited taking a decent amount of time to achieve the correct effect.

Hilbert fights yet motjer Swoobat by virtue of being sent out by accident. And I made it look like a joke! In fact, the only reason it took him two tries was because Ottawa defeated Terrakion in one shot.

Plus, all he did to win was stand in a corner and use Bowser’s Fire Breath constantly, while Shadoo kept running into it and hurting himself. Sadly, they no longer work since YouTube disabled annotations. After defeating General Guy, an event triggers that gets him double Star Points. So, by episodewith the story wrapped up, every omther sidequest in the world completed, and Colony 6 rebuilt, surely that’s the end of the let’s play, right? A potential guest for the weapon convinced him to play it himself due to his success with the blasters before, and sure enough, Chugga turns out to be pretty good with it.


Allegedly, the first recording had all the balls miss. She manages to defeat the former without getting hit, and the latter is just barely taken out with an Extreme Speed.

This time, from a Magma Grunt’s Numel using Magnitude. Meanwhile in Black, “: Considering how much of a hot-button issue game localization became in The New ’10ssaying this motyer took some serious guts on Chugga’s part.

Chuggaaconroy – The Mother of all No!s – VideoClip

If Linoone wasn’t the only one left, Altair would have won the battle right then and there. Ottawa’s back in the spotlight with a bang.

One for Cheren’s team, of all things: At least, on the second attempt. It takes guts to tell off people on YouTube, especially your own fans, deserving it as much as chuggaacomroy were.

On his first take. The Secret Files with accompanying visuals.

She’s more than worthy of her title after that. Excadrill probably would have hit hard with its Hone Claws boosted moves, had Ottawa not blindsided it with her newly learned Aqua Jet.

Download Mother 3 Chapter 7 Episode 16 Mp3 & Video

Chuggaa made the first complete bean spot walkthrough in existence. He even took a Water Gun without any issue. Acooltent manages yet another “barely survived for a win” moment against a Machoke’s Revenge. Phanpy almost managed to beat Morty’s Gengar via Rollout combo. The reveal at the end of Day Pandora, his Absol that is mentioned in the above entry, destroyed the first 2 Elite Four members.

Grimsley’s Bisharp gets one for delivering a Curb-Stomp Battle to Hilbert and Haywire, the latter especially due to surviving a critical hit with low health. In Episode 16, he defeated Cackletta before she could use her doppelganger attack, and in the same episode he took down Popple and Rookie before they could pull of a Bros.


Chuggaaconroy – The Mother of all No!s

He revealed through his Twitter and Facebook pages that this occurrence legitimately caused him to lose his voice and sidelined him from recording for a few days. Continuing the trend of amazing debut battles, Vui’s very first fight as an Espeon involves him demolishing Ariana’s Vileplume with Psybeam. Bowser’s next attack missed him anyway.

On a meta note, Meowth defeating Pikachu. The second attempt at catching the Lake of Rage’s Gyarados results in it getting caught with a single Great Ball. He attempts the infamous surfing minigame trying to get the second-highest bean prize two Hoo Beans and two Chuckle Beans after getting the lowest one Woo Bean and third-highest one Chuckle Bean. Right after saying that the LP won’t be high-level competitive play.

To emphasize, the rant takes a couple minutes even with his fast pace, and he’s able to rattle off a ton of examples with what can only be assumed is no rehearsal but a lot of passion on the topic. The 16th Starman Super is the only one he actively grinded, and that was the one to drop the Sword. Watching a starter reach her final stage has never felt so good! And he’s still not even done!

Pretty much all of her stats are at least good if not great, but the real star is her Special Attack IV: The best part is that it was most likely all the money he kept writing off as useless that saved his rank.

Beating the final chapter on 9. Darmani taking on all of Archer’s team and beating his Houndoom with only 6 HP remaining: He also would have evolved if Chugga didn’t want him to learn Aerial Ace. The thirty-minute finale has of November 12 surpassed one million views four million as of May 16,his third video with that many views Super Mario Sunshine Episode 1 and Pikmin Episode 8 are the other LP videos to surpass 1 million Anyone who’s played the game will know just how utterly massive that task is.