The two step outside to have another fight, though this time Tsunade gives Naruto a kiss on the forehead instead of a blow to the face. Retrieved June 5, Leaving Shino to deal with Kankuro, Sasuke continues his pursuit of Gaara. While Yashamaru had for many years been the only person who seemed to care for him, Gaara is shocked to find Yashamaru suddenly attacking him out of sheer hatred. Naruto, enraged that she would disrespect the title of Hokage and those who have held its position, challenges Tsunade to a battle. Similarly, some advice for Bleach: Really not a great job on the names.

LeaderTGW All reviews people found this review helpful. Anise Punter vs Yumekui Merry. The bizarre antics, especially that of the dinner table scene, were highly entertaining. Toriko [11] – A solid episode against the Devil Serpent, but I fear these episodes will be few and far between. Preoccupied with fending off the invading forces, Kakashi instructs Sakura, who had managed to repel the sleep-inducing genjutsu, to wake Naruto and Shikamaru. The movie kept my attention throughout and although I was hoping Shiki would finish Fujino off, I still found the conclusion of their fight to be satisfactory.

Enokido, Youji Script, Series Composition.

This may be because Rie Kugimiya plays such a big role. However, Naruto is no match for Kabuto, who picks on Naruto and brings back Tsunade’s memories of Nawaki, Dan, and the bet made between her and Naruto. She makes her rounds in the Konoha hospital, healing Kakashi Hatake and Sasuke of the damage done to their minds by Itachi’s Tsukuyomi. Finally done with its seasob one-off filler.

Ten Overpowered Protagonists in Anime. As he attempts to do both, a frail and sickly Orochimaru znime44 Tsunade to heal his soulless decayed arms as the effects of the Reaper Death Seal inflicted on him are causing him excruciating pain.

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Recognizing the danger the attack imposes, Tsunade forces it into the ground, where dats minor damage it inflicts indicates that it is not yet complete. I’m at a loss as to how hysteria mode could activate when you look at something that looks like Aria though.


As various odd events take place, Atsushi is coerced into joining their firm of supernatural investigators, taking on unusual cases the police cannot handle, alongside his numerous enigmatic co-workers.

Holding its own solely because of the titular character, who is so manly that he can make cooking exciting. I can’t remember exactly how they worded it in the manga. However, new developments are already coming as new series start in both manga and anime. As Naruto, Sakura, Shikamaru, and Pakkun pursue Sasuke, it soon ddays apparent that they’re being followed by a group of nine Sound ninja.

Gate of Seventh HeavenKara no Kyoukai 8: It seemed brighter on the whole, though that might just have been Azaka’s personality coming through. Jiraiya doubts the likelihood that Naruto will live up this promise, sdason that the Rasengan was developed by the Fourth Hokage in a duration of three years.

Naruto sympathizes with Gaara for his childhood, but threatens to kill Gaara if he should ever bring harm to his friends again. Meanwhile, Sasuke again catches up with Gaara, and Kankuro prepares to hold Sasuke off while Gaara escapes with Temari.

Retrieved June 8, Rage of Bahamutthe smartphone app that has garnered popularity around the world, will be made into an anime. Nothing has actually happened, but here’s the OP. The Ultimate Secret Technique is Born! Kankuro attacks Shino with his puppetusing its many hidden weapons to catch Shino by surprise.

Jiraiya no jonan, Naruto no sainan ” Japanese: Meteor by TiA used for the remaining episodes.

Edit Anime Information What would you like to edit? Even ignoring Erio srason you have a fantastic cast going on, from Ryuuko the buffoon to Sandwich Woman who seems more like an Arakawa character to Meme, the Ai-Nonaka voiced year-old that looks like she’s 21 and is way too playful for her own good, kind of like Yasuko from Toradora except way less sketchy and more awesome. As his shadow recedes and the eight freed ninja prepare to kill Shikamaru, Asuma SarutobiShikamaru’s sensei, arrives and defeats all the Sound dajs, saving Shikamaru.


Archived from the original on May 29, Hidan no Aria [9] – I’m really enjoying the light novels of this series, but the show just isn’t clicking. So I guess the question is does Merry come live with him in this version or come in as dats transfer student or well, we’ve played this game before.

I expected more from the green-haired girl.

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After someone knocks on his door, Naruto opens it to reveal Itachi and Kisame standing before him. At that time, explaining his desire to become immortal to know every form of ninjutsu, Orochimaru decides to reveal the fruits of his labor by peeling away his face: Absolute Unquestionable Disasters score 1. Oh, and Run somehow forgot pantsu so we know she can never ever join the Strike Witches. This is the kind of show where a character like Madoka can be funny, as opposed to Working!

Makoto is a solid lead as well. She is correct, as when she tries to leave the city, she is met by Orochimaru and Kabuto. Are they going to seaon it a comedy throughout?

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