He has been waiting all this time to bring DY back. She did not scruple on people. I’d hate to see crucial stuff get rushed after they spent so much time embelishing the early parts of the story. Thought it is 77 episodes…go with it. She was either ,38,39 depending on the documents. I really hope they dont approve the extension, dont want it to become draggy. I didn’t see where it was posted that the lead actor in Baker Kings over acts, but that have never been a truer statement. Lee Jung Hoon Supporting Cast.

Sign of the Heavens Team. I have watch dong yi moredone a hundred times. Dong Yi extensions means I need to buy more alcohol. DY is made a level 2 concubine. Never have I enjoyed a series so much. But when JOJ turns up she is cold to him and wants the cheeky little low born child beaten up for daring to come near the Crow Prince!

Never have I enjoyed a series so much. Thanks for the news but to me both dramas are already too long and hope there will not be any extension. Not sure epusode that balances out. If you were in his position, you’ll probably do the same thing or more. Geum is happy to skip school with the yangban he needs a lesson in not to talk to strangers!

Consort Suk Dong Yi actually has some records in the history. But the next day the Queen collapses and JOJ is plotting to get rid of her. That way he will be safe and a legitimate heir to the throne. I Have been watching it 4 the past 3days with just 1hr of sleep now am sick, imaging DY being a true history made me cry my eyes out, I feel the pain, am very emotional. Chun Soo tells the little girl — whose name is Dong Yi — that she could be a great person too when she gets older.

She was a supporter of Inhyeon, and influenced the king on bringing her back. I just watch Dongyi this year here in the philippines, and its not waste of time to watch it i really enjoy watching this drama.

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He is worried what will happen when he is discovered. Lee Sook Supporting Cast. Thanks in advance Yours, Mrs. Indeed in a drama to watch from beginning to ending. He reckons she episodw refusing to join with him. All casts are acting goodespecially the President. One thing I would like to see or hear is a new song added.


This is a very good drama to watch.

Episode 59

Also according to Confucian law, since his son is now 7 years old he must come back to the palace and have the education befitting his status.

DY learns that her son is very intelligent and is well ahead of the other boys in his class at school. Thats how she could serve under Great Queen Dowager as a lady in waiting. Jung In Ki Supporting Cast. The princes then check the medical books and to his horror the Crown Prince finally discovers what his illness is.

But when JOJ turns up she is cold to him and wants the cheeky little low born child beaten up for daring to come near the Crow Prince! Can’t wait to see her dressed up in her rich-girl finery. The main characters were real, though the details of the story were probably fictional, but the main plot and story are a fact. Dong yi is the best role model ever.

She says her only crime was loving him so she must die by his hand. When Sekyong was told of Sukbins failing health,he resided for the rest of her life with her and then did die two years after doong death.

She refuses all the suiters from noble Soron families. I spent a lot of drqmacrazy and enjoyed at every episode the story goes. She enter to the palace when she was 7.

HI I just wanna know how many consorts king sukjon had king sukjong used to have 4 to 5 consorts by his side starting jang hae bin who was later became queen after queen inyeon was a second consort of king sukjong who was deposed and came back after jang hae bin dethroned and never seen again and queen inhon who was third consort of king sukjong who got the positon episodf queen after jang hae bin was killed by the office of investgations and finally dong yi epusode was fourth consort of king dramacfazy since dong yi was king sukjong favorite royal consort Dramacrwzy had historically 10 wives- Ill put them all in order.


All JOJ has left is revenge. Sorry, I can’t do that, lololz. If all of us has a good heart like Dong yi and wise and knowledgeable thinking like the king. We have little information about her, Most of the information about her was avoided purposely, because her origin low birth class, was considered shameful for Nobles, at difference of Jang hui bin who came from middle class and her family were professionals translators thats why we have more register of her and she had a given name.

Then the Queen dies. Well done, very nice. She screams at Chief Seo but the King has arrived and she is silenced. Of course the CP has never done anything like this before.

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Lord Jang is desperate to get rid of DY and her son, so while the King is away and security is low in the palace he plans to frame her. All was so quickly done. JOJ looks as though she might accept this offer as DY looks sincere. I read one of the comments above that the lead Yoon Shi-yoon overacts but I don’t think cong.

Dong Yi recaps episode 45-60 FINAL

JOJ is furious as she watches DY and the prince stroll back in …. Perhaps they really did have a romance.

That seems to be why there is less information available about her than other concubines.