Search for ” Miekkailija ” on Amazon. The problem with much of RT. I figured they would on the silver screen as well. He needed to know the choreography for those scenes so he could be a believable teacher. Principal as Hendrik Toompere Liisa Koppel The Sydney Morning Herald. I was trying to give him secure surroundings, I was trying to create a very focused atmosphere on the set, and suddenly I noticed the Estonian part of the crew were all on their iPhones. The knock at your door late at night was always bad news, and you see it in their eyes.

Most of what these people feel is carried by the imagery. December 6, Updated: Estonia only regained its independence in When this film was over, he was in a play in the theater and learned to play the accordion. It opens in the Estonian town of Haapsalu, where a seemingly eternal mist suggests a chill both climatic and political. Many Estonians fear the expanding Russia of Putin. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Full Cast and Crew. As we were shooting this film, something very spooky happened. When I make a movie, I really, really try to look for ways to tell the story without words, and to come across with whatever the film is about without overexplaining it.

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Can we assume then that much of the story is true? Neliss only regained its independence in Klaus Haro had never set foot in Estonia before this project. The children are timid, battered by history. A journalist has gotten wind of corruption rumors involving a politician. A fake historic epic on the Middle Ages and Estonia’s not-so-glorious past.


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There had recently been novels concerning the occupation in this part of the world, really graphic in their description of everything that could go on—everything perverse and really harsh. To scope out an actor you want to see, you have to go to the theater.

User Reviews admirable work 1 June by Kirpianuscus — See all my reviews. Then of course the grown-up actors were my teachers, my mentors when it came to sharing experiences. Eager to find a sport all the students can try, Nelis launches a nekis club. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Search for ” Miekkailija ” on Amazon.

Endeel doing so, he took considerable risks since he had been drafted into the Estonian contingent of the Nazi army after Hitler invaded Estonia.

A teacher in hiding inspires students in moving drama ‘The Fencer’

At an auction, an old The Little Comrade In a very quiet, personal way, you captured the fear of people living in Soviet-occupied countries. He needed to know the choreography for those scenes so he could be a believable teacher. Dozens of schoolkids show up for his fencing program. In the midst of Stalinist tyranny, six-year-old Leelo’s mother is sent to a prison camp.

I figured they would on the silver screen as well. Aren’t we good enough? Based on the true story of Endel Nelis, whose fencing club still exists to this day. A young man, Endel Nelis, arrives in HaapsaluEstonia then part of the Soviet Union in the early s, having left Leningrad to escape the secret police. The reason for his fugitive status: For this film I was the pupil and these Estonian actors were the teachers.


A foreign director in Estonia. There was a tension on the set, and I was personally very tense to see how this young boy was going to perform. You never know with children—they might perform, and they might not. For the novel trilogy, see K.

Two stories, life and truth in film] in Estonian. And that is what I did—I went to Estonia to see plays. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Men at Arms That was a hard one because Estonia is such a small country.

So which is it? It was great to hear their perspective about the film. What are our fears today, and how can we draw on them?

The movie is partially based on the real life story of an Estonian fencer Endel Nelis You are commenting using your Facebook account. Of course they were really happy the film was made. The Unrepentant Marxist — July 26, 5: On the day the journalist tries to contact him, he decides to go mushrooming with edel wife. Names Engraved in Marble