Mr Taner recognises that while support for the Islamic opposition remains steady, “political and economic sta- bility have been established and there is no longer any talk about out a fundamen- talist threat”. While the general role is that the supply of goods and services effected fw consid- eration by a taxable person is subject to VAT. The trouble k that too fow awkward questions are asked internally and extenially of companies wito growth records like this. Merrill has made a consist- ent strategy of building its business in other developed markets by buying established brokerages and fund roanag- PITi-. And the Swiss as a whole axe growing resentful at what many regard as victixoisation: The nhflUfltigii in the T.

He also took Viag into the teleeommunioatlpns sector. Maybe the next big point would be good CPJ nmsbers. The govemment has pramr Ised the International Mcoie- tary Fnnd it will pitgiose to parliament in the second half of the year several amendments to the Alien Business Law, trindi could make scene rqgulatlions per- manent. They closed yesterday at ‘Ap. Tbe cod- be file stiODgen bis inbred snob- romantic scenes between Ursula bety or bis desire for success? Oyak- Renault will do the same from fiiis year and win make a new versicn of the Renault Mdgane station wagon for eaqiort globally.

One hour earlier in UK. However If seemed the panel often felt Ul-eqntpped to weigh complex s deatifle argnements. Analysts believe that LG Semieon.

Conservative candidsie Andres ‘ Pastrana, a former newscaster and! So long as tbe budget gets smaller, tbe festival’s ambitions simply have to to fit. Even though investment funds g rill mainiain heavy cash weightings, Saxiple says: Ovessll tuxnovmr by was 67S. However, the report warns that signs gie increasing atmospheric ozone levels may not be detectable for another 20 years.

In the benign alternative, improving credibility allows interest rates on domestic debt to folL That makes stabilisation of the nujble’s value more credible to ordinary Russians, reducing capital flight.


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For each of the next four days, two games will be played concurrently at 4. Press reports last wedt said Cemex was one of the bidders for Semen Gresik. Pkoto get evei Jraphers. The ftiitber rise in sterling left the manufacturing sec- tor looking very sick indeed, with several leading stocks badly mauled.

BipubBquD fr a np ri sD heigfatozied that sa asitivi ft’. The figures indicate the countries which have the most households without any paid work are. In the malign alternative, macin credibility keeps domestic Interest rates at I punitively high levels.

AmerieaD consortium – it will have completed a five-year effort to reinvent Westinghouse Electric, the company it used to be.

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In fact wc were able to do that and bring costs [of local funds] don-n from per cent to 91 per cent a year. Seagram lowered its tfCer to FI last week because af’ttie unexpectedly weak second quarter performance eppisode PolyGram. Diplomats in Beijing sidd there was a feir chance both sanctions would be terminated during the summff which runs from June 2S until July 3. Cen- tral bank staff and senior treasury officials are consid- ered to be reasonably compe- tent and honest Ihe central bank operating pa a quasi- cuirency board, is only issu- ing local currency at the same rate as foreign cur- rency enters its coffers.

Everyone is waiting to see bow we are going to do this time. Mr Tellez planned to launch the part- privatisation of Pemex’s sec- ondary petrochemical plants within the next three months. OO itar the first time since mid- AjniL AltbooA there is wide- qiread scepticism abont bow kmg steriiflg can remain at such levels, tile cntrency has been helped against the IVMark tv worries about breaks barrier?

Pediiney gave up FFn at FFr The council has the right not only to vet candi- dates but also to annul any results. Introduction letter stating the represeatation and a brief background of building at least three offshore drilling units in the past, peisode wiUi rdevant documents proving such. It has attracted foreign investment and.


Pear- son shores closed l4p down at Idolp. Lq the Greens, along with Greenpeace and several other ecological organisationk, seized on the doubts expressed during the sessions as vindication of their demands to hold back the introductiOD of geneti- cally altered seeds. AlcateL the telecommuol- cations engineering company, Dassault Indus- tries, the aviation family holding, and Aerospatiale, the state aerospace group, are tiie new core sharehold- RS.

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Companies in main local indices tlmt did not make tbe cut Into a eoneen- treted Euro index could suf- fer a carrespondlng loss of visibility. However, some recsit data pointed towards a slowdown in the second quarter, after stnmg first quarter growth. Hyundai Electronics and LG Semieon are eipsode as the most vulnerable.

Susannah Ell- iott-Knight as his wife, mean- while.

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Foremost among those to suOto: Pollsters doubt whether fresh elections, tentatively sdiednled for next April, vrin return a strong, stable gcnE eniment capable of dpisode ing cm radical free market ff tifiMH ig unless eliang is tile electoral and party laws. We are local maikets. A joint venture would help underpin Mol’s drive to toowase its share of domes- tic and regfonal retail mar- kets.

The tech- nology, known as open arctHtecture, is considered vital to the arccess of mcchanges ki tiie future. The Canadian industry is relying on stronger gas prices to salvage wbat would otherwise be a miserable yeer.