Berhanu…and what have you. One of this official job is advice. Therefore, here, there is no advantage value that could be gained by the continuity of PFDJ. I just shared it on my FB And the depth of this piece can be found here: This one is so hilarious, funny and sad at the same time. Dear Hayat, I would like to echo the same feeling like my friend Beyan. As if the Rev. That was probably the one single time where the regime was fully outnumbered.

As if the Rev. That would be it and stated as such. We see that the situation in Yemen and the Yemeni crisis is part of a bigger crisis than this Yemeni crisis. Perhaps it is because there is a major misconception on what type of change the country needs and how it should be delivered. He has done what he has done knowing he could have done differently. With no leader to organize, unite and motivate them, they became the victim of vainglory,self importance and ego inspired animosity.

The Jesuits played a big role Alvarez and the like who were fresh out from their battles with the Moors Muslim who ruled Iberia Catholic for The OTTOs should come with multiply it by 10, thirtyspeak. She said she has unlimited hearing and limited sight. The absence of space compelled them to only conform to the prescribed speeches, explanation and what to say in interviews by just repeating the same words. Well sadly, I wish the Eritrean junk mailers in the opposition would stop.


But from your comment to HaileTG, one would think Haile is responsible for everything that happens and should happen. They come and go like monarch butterfly. We still maintain our basic principles and revolutionary principles, to build a state founded on equality and justice in Eritrea.

Eritrean Movie – Abashawl Afro-Part 3

I just asked a question and I eritrexn truly confused. I know you are going to say i am demanding. It is more likely that the PFDJ will collapse on itself and of course the opposition can still take credit for it: Their cruelty knows no bound!

Be promoted to the Viceroy post D. I asked him the same thing if he can make an exception?

Eritrean Music 2017 – Ghebre G/her ጂጂ /Shikorina/

And also those households had the obligation of inviting me for lunch which chopped my time farther. Dear brother tes, Here is what the saddening or perplexing reality is: When they came o Abyssinia, they displayed extreme fanaticism because they wanted to re-baptize the people because Tewahdo was not good enough.

No problems existed whatsoever until the era of the princes when such animosities instigated by the European eirtrean Ottoman friction that was brewing.

Hi Awatewian; please start playing from the beginning. I am convinced she must be able to hear even if a little bit. Well, they are cornered from all angles, boxed in with no option but to fight with weapons of lies after lies to a point efitrean own supporters are beginning shikotina challenge them on it.

Hi Aman I am not feeling sorry for him as a victim. Keep on giving him appropriate feedback until the TBS completes revising his files. He should have read the devastating effects the country would burden because of the imposition of the sanctions. I did not say a bad thing.


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On the border demarcation, I am not in hurry. The man, like few of his peers, has surrendered his total conscience to the service of one man, his boss, IA. Chelsea is playing Arsenal. I think you are very smart to know the value of the information.

No, thanks for expanding on it. There are different views. Now, hear me out. For example, it is possible and we can talk on that field. I think you guys, the purveyors of Hade Libi, need to talk with Hade Melhas: Correction Awatista Zaki complied first and everyone followed at the forum and you my friend shredded virtual papers… I dare not go corporate… Ali Salim Smerrrrgy 2nd paragraph: Youtube is just a perfect platform in this regard.

I notice we have people creating excuses not to describe PFDJ as dictator.

Yemane had and still has better alternatives to pursuit should he decide to stand up for his people and with his people.